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Corning Inc. Company Profile Case Study
Portfolio Management
Corning is committed to making sound investment decisions by keenly matching investment opportunities to the objectives of the company. The company balances the market risks against its performance in order to ensure maximum results. In this regard, portfolio management at Corning is about outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with a focus of maximizing returns for the company. The company has greatly invested in display technologies serving the fast-growing consumer electronics industry. Through research and development (R&D), the company has differentiated itself in the production of thin, high resolution display panels.

The company has a vice president in charge of innovations. The vice president is in charge of seeking new business opportunities for the company. In addition to display technologies, Corning also engages in the research and production of environmental technologies. In this sector, the company develops and manufactures emission control products such as filters and ceramic substrates. Corning is also known globally in enhancing optical technologies through connectivity solutions that offer superior quality broadband capabilities. In enhancing its operations, the company highly considers both financial and information technology (IT) portfolio management. In order to meet the investment goals of its investors the company constantly seeks opportunities for diversification in order to spread risk and capture the return from various sectors. Through this process, the company has managed to operate for over 100 years while gaining many investors who provide the capital necessary for expansion and growth. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Company Strategy
Corning is highly committed to R&D as a way of providing the innovations that create a competitive advantage for the company. R&D also provides the basis for the company’s continued production of highly intelligent products and processes. The company has a Strategy and Capital Allocation Framework which guides its investment programs. Corning’s operational strategy is focused on three core areas: Manufacturing and Engineering, Core technologies and Market-Access Platforms. The company has adopted a strategy of investing on what it considers future technologies. Corning invests 4% of its sales in new technologies. While many of these initiatives are riskier the company only invests when the potential payoff is good.

In addition, Corning greatly values organizational growth and this is achieved by continuous innovation across the lifecycle of its products. The company also operates on the strategy of expanding its markets by producing glasses for both the automotive and the architecture industries. In the past, the company has earned BMW’s award on supplier innovation. Innovation at Corning is modeled under disruptive opportunities, valuable relationships and proper market insights. These strategies have helped the company to navigate through various challenges over 100 years and operate successfully. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Scope of Work
Corning engages in the research, development and manufacturing of various cutting edge solutions for a number of industries. The company engages is a number of product options on its display technologies segment. Its Iris glass is very popular in the market as it offers thin display panels which are very popular with many manufacturers. The third generation display glass is supplied to many LCD, LED, OLED, Oxide and LTPS television manufacturers. The production of telecommunication networks has been a very successful venture for Corning as evidenced from the growing market share of the company. For instance, in 2015 Samsung Display announced that it would use Corning’s Lotus NXT display panels for its new OLED televisions.

In Optical Communications, Corning manufactures broadband options for Enterprise, Wireless and carrier markets. In this regard, the company is a major player in the telecommunications industry by producing high quality optical fibers. The Edge8 optical cable system is the most popular product in this segment and is used by many companies. The fiber optic sales have been a major market boost for Corning over the years even though sales have slumped in the recent past.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The Life Sciences department at the company engages in the research and manufacturing of tools and instruments used in bioprocessing, cell culture and genomics. The labware enables scientists and other researchers to work efficiently within cost and time constraints. Similarly, the company develops technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry. Corning has a vibrant R&D department where innovation into new technologies takes center stage. Much of the research is clearly evident from the cutting edge solutions constantly emerging from the company.

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