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Having vanished bout of the football scene since the 90`s the idea of return of the Rams was a foregone conclusion. However, Southern California residents and Rams fans had a reason to cheer after the announcement of the LA Rams’ return to their home base. According to Booker (2016), this was marked by the sale of 63,000 out of 70,000 at the beginning of this years’ season (2016). The need to advance their marketing is evident since LA is the largest entertainment city that holds four other NFL teams. The challenge lies in the fact that all the teams hold matches during the same fall and winter seasons, thus getting fans to change their passion and loyalty will require the Rams to devise unique marketing techniques by targeting a younger fan base that may still be neutral regarding sports teams.  Los Angeles has a very competitive market in regards to entertainment. It holds four football teams not to mention the musical concert and cultural events. The Rams should be consistent with their performance as a fail would see them experience a dip in attendance and overall fan base. Besides the NFL games are not cheap and the fans want to spend money on solid products. The purpose of this paper is to identify marketing methods that will assist the LA Rams to improve their sales and overall fan base. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Marketing Strategy
The Rams marketing executives should employ the four ‘Ps’:  pricing, promotion, product and placement/ distribution to reach a larger fan base while improving their ticket sales (Chen, 2016). However, for the ‘four Ps’ to work the marketing team should first perform an analysis on the Consumer, LA Rams as a company and the current competition. They should identify the target consumer and, ways to market to them while determining what the RAMs vision and mission are. Finally, they should perform SWOT analysis on their competitors. Through this, they can come up with concrete strategies of maintaining their fan base while acquiring new ones.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Promotion goes hand in hand with the advertisement process, and in this case, the marketing team should mix traditional (TV, print), Guerilla (street marketing) and, modern forms of promotion such as social media. More so they should develop strategies on where to promote as LA is a large ‘basin’ consisting of several counties while also reaching out to external markets such as San Diego and San Bernardino. In addition, LA Rams marketers should make use of the geographic information system (ArcGIS) in defining and reaching customers in their geographic domains (Chen, 2016). The LA Rams have collaborated with several organizations in a bid to promote their service. For instance, Uber does delivery of ordered Rams merchandise: jerseys, T-shirts, and helmets to LA resident (Abrams, 2016).

Going to an NFL game is not a walk in the park. The ticket price starts at $80 for cheap seats while factoring other expenses such as parking and drinks. Thus, for the young people who lack finances to attend, the marketing team should focus on their parents for the family package. The Rams should make the fans feel that they are getting their money’s worth by performing tours throughout the southwestern parts of the United States. While at this, they should include some away games such as “Rams Family Day” at the Los Angeles Memorial Museum, and non-football events such as sponsorship with local brands, community fairs, charities, and education and health programs. In addition, collaboration with athletic gear and shoe companies, which would, in turn, benefit the consumers.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


For centuries now, football is viewed as a masculine sport. However, recent studies show that it has an increasing popularity among the female fans. This presents an excellent opportunity where the marketers could structure a football education program paired with wine tasting to reach the female fan base in a bid to provide them with information on the game such as plays, equipment, and penalties (Lenstrom, 2002). This action goes a long ways in cementing their trust and loyalty to the Rams.

In order to generate additional revenues, construction of the new NFL stadium should include other entertainment options such as music concerts, business seminars, conferences, office spaces, hotel rooms while providing ample public and private parking spaces for all types of audience and groups. This maximizes return on investment in the building.

LA being an entirely new market, LA Rams management should remain consistent in their marketing campaign, as the bulk of millennial consumers have zero attachment to the team since it comprises of members who are unknown to them because the team moved away before they were born. Thus, special management must be employed for the RAMs to overcome the odd of being back in L.A. To conquer the market that is flooded by many competitors; musical concerts to the teams that have a solid base In L.A is important.

Reaching the youth is the key to forming a large fan base. Therefore, the RAMs through management’s instruction should pay a visit to schools while hosting youth camps for the school’s football teams. In addition, the RAMs management should come up with a mentorship program that selects the most promising students in the schools to play for them.

In conclusion, concentrating on the four ‘Cs,’ Consumer, company, and competitor, LA Rams management should structure sound marketing strategy based on the four P’s’ price, product, promotion, and placement. Through the implementation of these strategies, LA Rams are bound to shine amidst the Kings, Lakers, Chargers, and Clippers not forgetting cultural events and music concerts. Over time, the management ought to provide consumers with incentives to attend their games or buy products. Thus, they should put emphasis on promotion and location analytics as they have the most impact.

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