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Certainly, people are competitive. Competition is a character that lives within the human population.


According to Lauren Slater in her writing the trouble with self-esteem, she addresses the issues. It regards competition in children and more so how they perceive it through their esteem. Lauren elaborates how researchers have tried to gain more understanding about competition. Their results indicate that it is a natural thing that is built in the human conscious; people get to compete because they know no other ways of creating fun. For instance, it is portrayed when the researchers introduce non-competitive games to children. Some like getting themselves challenged by their friends, but to their surprise, the majority liked the games without competition. The good feelings that individuals experience due to their achievement is influenced from an outside source like maybe the media, or the people that surrounds an individual.
Competition, on the other hand, is not friendly, and more so it produces undesirable effects on the individuals involved. For example, competition undermines the self-esteem of the looser. As when a person is challenged and loose, he fears to face the society as in most cases they will mock him. More so, completion poisons the relationships among friends, family and community at large. It is sources of envy and hatred that can make an individual develop an ill feeling towards his competitor thus creating a bridge. Lauren Slater believes that competition is nothing but a deadly virus; the society should do away with competition due to its undesirable effects on the society. I agree with her, as the world we are living today and in our social life, we are surrounded by competition. Let us take a look at our schools, for instance, the best performing students are always the teacher’s favorites, and the slow learners have a problem with the lecturers.

It creates the gap between the bright and slow learners leading them to develop low self-esteem.
Competition produces undesirable effects on the side that wins as well as on the losing side, like in the events of sports. For instance as we watch football matches, it is evident that the fans of a specific team mostly fights with fans of the opposing team. Like the Manchester United and Arsenal football teams. The recent event involved Andy Tate of the Manchester United. He was furious in cameras talking ill of their opponents; he addresses David Moyes the Arsenal coach in vulgar language calling him a fool and a waste of time (Liew, 2014). There are other cases of suicide and murder when a particular team wins and the other loses, competitions has become part us. The fans take it so personal that they cannot live with the thought of being defeated or finding themselves at a losing end. People criticize thus mock each other resulting to provocation, fights to murders. Competition causes all this negative impacts. More so they are the reasons as to why Slater is not in favor of competitions. But she states that this days completion has become part of us. People need to know how to compete as if they ignore there are very few chances for them to make it in life. It is evident as even in the academic institutions it is all about who are better in this and that.

The consequences of competitions are not promising to the side that loses. They feel inferior and through the feeling, it becomes difficult to gain self-motivation and esteem. So they always find themselves being defeated due to their perception. At times, the competitors are of the same level, but one side feels inferior. Meaning that due to its perception, in encages its self from doing its best, thus not exploiting their potential fully.

As the society, we can manage this problem by at addressing the issue of competition. We should let our children and generations to come that competition is not a key to feeling self-pity or inferior. It is a challenge that shows our weak parts thus we should face them and rectify them thus grow stronger. Moreover, the society should discourage the use of vulgar language to people who have won or lost as this triggers fights. The losing side should be encouraged to put more efforts thus showing them their weak side that needs improvement


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