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Humankind has always taken care of their own, and this is what defines them from animals. This goes beyond the family, and this is what defines a community. Just as people like to ensure that children are offered the best environment, the same should be done for the old people. In Houston, many centers ensure that old people access all basic services. There is a large presence of adult day care centers. This paper will consider the Latino Senior Citizen Center. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This center provides the adult citizens with vast services such as meals, transportation, and professional supervision (Caring, 2016). This means that the adult members of such places will access all basic services needed for the specified period. These services are vital because many adult persons often lack the resources and time to take care of themselves. In addition, the services can be made specific to meet the individual needs of a patient. It has many patients, and a large population is mainly Latinos. This fact is mainly attributed to the large population of Latinos in this area. America has a large older population. Studies show that 103, 689 people in Houston are aged between 70 years and above (Suburban Stats, 2016). This makes it an area with high dependency rate. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This center is very competitive in delivering quality services, but some gaps can be noticed in the service delivery. The title of the center is discriminative since it focuses on specific communities, which are the Latinos. The services are offered at a general level, and this could be harmful especially while dealing with people in need of special attention. In addition, most of the facilities in this center are shared among the old people, and that could prove risky considering their different conditions. The recording management system used in this center is traditional, and that limits the information that staff can acquire on the old persons.

Considering these gaps, many improvements can be made to ensure the delivery of quality services. I would suggest the rebranding of the center’s name to one that suits the entire population regardless of the racial profile. America is made up of different races, and that should require people to come up with names that suit all people. A suggestion could be Houston Senior Citizen Center. This would encourage all old people within the area to seek the services whenever they feel the need. Also, this could motivate the family members of the old people to enroll them in such centers. The center needs to create a unique system in which people have their records taken for future use. This way, it would be simpler to drop the old people and have them access whatever services they need. When the center has personal information on all persons, it would safer while considering the nature of facilities to share. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

An additional requirement for this center would be the hiring of professional health workers. Old people are usually delicate and require special attention. The professional staff will always bond with the old persons and understand how best to serve them. In addition, the professional staff can easily choose the nature of activities in which to engage the old people. By assigning each member of the center a professional worker, it would be easier for the institution to manage and evaluate the quality of services being delivered. With the increased growth in technology, this center should consider the use of an electronic filing system. This will make it simpler for all health workers to access details on all their patients.

Therefore, this center is contributing good service to the Houston Community. However, while considering these changes, it would be possible for it to offer people better services. The better services will be defined by a large population of old people in this area having the ideal day care experience.


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