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Common Writing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Essay

Writing a flawless essay on a particular subject is not an easy task. Most students think that writing an essay is their everyday educational routine; that’s why they don’t even try very hard. However, such a position leads to various terrible mistakes that don’t satisfy the requirements of the academic system. Anyone could improve his or her writing skills just if they don’t make some common mistakes. After carefully scrutinizing hundreds of essay papers of students in USA and Canada, we’ve brought forth the most common mistakes that were found in most of the papers, by avoiding these mistakes, you could craft a flawless essay that is bound to impress the checker.

Below are some of the common mistakes that could ruin a well-written essay.

Content Mistakes

The text and the subject are crucial for any well-written article or essay. The first thing you should do before actually writing the essay is research. Finding relevant data and authentic sources could even satisfy the most demanding professors. The red areas of common content mistakes are:

No relevancy between the content and the topic

Before you pick a topic, make sure that the topic is relevant to present times and is simultaneously interesting for readers. It is advised to start with your research that you could do by online sources, and by reading related books, you should also understand the primary idea of the topic and be able to express your opinion about it. What most students fail to do is to produce strong content; by lacking relevant vocabulary coupled with principle words, your essay becomes weak and will lack substance. You need to prove to the reader that you have enough knowledge and expertise in the related field, and your write up is worth their attention.

Weak structure

A comprehensive essay has to have an introduction, which typically includes a thesis statement followed by the body of your essay, which might consist of several paragraphs, explaining the readers your argument, and lastly, a well-written conclusion that ties up your entire essay and connects to your thesis statement. If you miss any of these components, then your essay could give an incomplete, which might disappoint the reader. The body of the easy is very important as well; it is where all the action happens, you provide textual evidence for your claims in a persuasive tone, making your reader acknowledge your claim(s). A wise move is to include different expert opinions in your essay; this will make your essay more authentic and legit. After writing a comprehensive body, your entire focus should be on writing the conclusion which summarizes your entire essay and connects back to your thesis statement.

Absence of a thesis statement

This is again a very common mistake which most students make while writing an essay. An essay without a thesis statement is like a body without a soul. A thesis statement is your claim or your argument that you’ll be discussing in your essay. The statement is usually placed in the introductory paragraph so that the reader could know in the very beginning that what your essay is about. If your essay doesn’t have a thesis statement, then the reader won’t understand till the very end of what your essay is about. Therefore, all your effort could be wasted.

Stylistic Issues

Apart from proper research, textual evidence, and good ideas, you should pay close attention to your writing style while avoiding the following common mistakes.

Repetitive words and expressions

Students do this all the time, making it the most common mistake. It is okay to repeat some of the words a few times, but the same words, along with the same expressions in every paragraph, will give the reader the impression that your vocabulary is limited along with the knowledge on the related topic. Repeating words will make the essay tiring and monotonous. Try to look for words for every idea that you want to explain; we would also advise using appropriate synonyms.

The balance between formal and informal writing

This folly is common even among the most seasoned writers. Finding the right balance between formal and informal writing styles is not easy. Let’s say that you’re a doctor and you appear for an English writing skill assessment exam; there you’re asked to write a comprehensive on any of the topics – now you’ll choose that topic in which you have expertise. Choosing a medical-related topic could be a wise move, but most doctors forget that this isn’t a medical exam; its an essay paper – using too many medical-related terms could confuse the reader as not everyone is aware of specific medical terms.

But, your writing style should have a formal tone, slang expressions such as gotta, wanna are not allowed for any academic paper. Keep your tone formal and educated and try to find the right balance, which will make your writing precise and clear.

Improper sentence structure

Loosely crated sentences could make your entire essay weak. For example, long and bulky sentences are hard to read, while too short sentences will make you like an amateur. Try to find the right balance while avoid using the passive voice as it can lower the readability of your text. When you’re done with your essay, give it a read, you’ll know where you need to add or remove words.

Writing an essay is tough; you have to keep in mind a million things while staying with your main argument. If you’re having trouble in writing your school or college essay, then worry not, our essay writing services provide well-written, comprehensive, persuasive and self-explanatory essays that guarantee an A on your report card.

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