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Change Evaluation Plan

Change Evaluation Plan

Older adults are among the individuals who are constantly faced with discrimination. Most of these older adults are subjected to this vice because of reduced cooperation in the internal and external parties concerned with providing care to these individuals. To ensure that such vices do not continue, the strategic plan will involve reinforcing a multidisciplinary association between the health practitioners and the hospital organization.  Reinforcing this strategy will lay a foundation for developing a collaborative plan that will help in reducing incidents of age discrimination and suicide ideation among older adults.

To ensure that the strategic plan works effectively, it is crucial to develop a change evaluation plan. Developing a change evaluation plan is crucial since it will help offer insights on what the strategic plan has achieved and what needs to be done to ensure that the proposed change effectively meets its goal and objectives of reducing age discrimination and suicide ideation among older adults. The change evaluation plan for this Capstone project will start y clarifying the objectives and goals.  In this case, the primary aim of the strategic plan is to reinforce a multidisciplinary association between health practitioners in the hospital organization to develop a collaborative care plan.

The second step of the evaluation plan will involve setting evaluation plans. This step will entail establishing the individual members involved in developing the collaborative care plan for adults and the type of monitoring system that will be effective for use. The third aspect will involve analyzing the impact of a collaborative plan on reducing the incidences of age discrimination and suicide ideation incidences among older adults.

The last aspect of the change evaluation plan will involve setting up a timeline for conducting evaluation activities. Setting up an evaluation timeline will help keep track of what the multidisciplinary team has achieved and areas that need improvement.

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