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 “SCOTUS Spotting: How the Next President Could Change the Supreme Court
As the next presidential election looms, the appointment of Supreme Court judges has remained largely away from the attention of mass media, and from presidential discussions. The article suggests the controversial topics that could arise if the issue of appointing Supreme Court Justices is discussed, keeps presidential candidates quiet about the issue. Many of the current Justices are getting older, with many in their mid or late 70s. This makes appointing these judges even more of an important issue. A single judge can make the difference about whether a piece of legislation is passed or not. The article gives several examples of political issues that could be addressed by the Supreme Court, and it explains which issues could be passed or overthrown given a strategic appointment by the next president.

I chose this article because the presidential election is extremely important to me and the rest of the United States because it affects the way we live our lives. Furthermore, I am interested in the role that the Supreme Court plays in passing or overturning proposed legislation. I have already learned that a single judge can make all the difference in whether a policy or law is put into place, but I was interested in learning about some of the legislationthat has been approved due to this process. I find it disturbing that a single judge, who is appointed and not elected, can decide whether or not to approve such an important issue such as health care. I understand that a president is elected and then he is entrusted with making the appointment, but the individual who is appointed is so important in the decision-making process, that they should instead be elected. At the very least, and as the article suggests, the media should be taking a bigger role in covering the issues surrounding the Supreme Court and they should focus on how important decisions could be made or overturned based on who is elected.

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