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1. What is Labor?
Labor is traditionally defined as the amount of work that goes into a particular task. For example, whenever someone has their car repaired at a local garage they are often charged for parts and labor. However, labor can have other definitions:
a.) It is also used as a unit of measurement when it comes to the production of goods and services (ex: the amount of labor that goes into making a car)
b.) It can also be used to define large sections of the population (ex: labor force and labor market).
Overall, labor is a concept that encompasses all aspects that relate to work done in exchange for some form of compensation. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

2. Differences and Similarities in Labor Experiences
Workers have a more “direct” experience when it comes to labor since they actively engage in it on a daily basis. They know the financial cost of going to work, the limits of the compensation they are given and the benefits and opportunities they have available. Labor activists have a distinctly different experience since they perceive labor based on its correlation to the rights and benefits that all individuals should have access to (Krinsky, 2015). They focus on aspects related to proper compensation, worker’s rights and the social impact of corporate treatment of workers. Labor scholars are more inclined towards the economic impact of labor, how different trends in labor markets can influence the price of goods and services and what can be done to improve current practices to maximize productivity. They focus more on how labor impacts the economy of a country as a whole and its impact on global trends (ex: the outsourcing industry and how it has changed the way in which products are made). All these experienced are different, but they do share a common similarity based on the importance they place on compensation and the proper treatment of laborers. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

3. What do you expect in this course?
What I want from this course is to gain a better understanding of labor, how it is perceived by corporations and society and what are the current trends influencing it. I have not participated in any form of activism whatsoever. My primary labor experience has been working part-time at my family’s company as a stock clerk. During my time there, I realized that what a person is paid is often not commensurate with the sheer amount of work they are given this made me want to know more about current labor practices.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Reference List

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