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The General (1926)
The General is an American silent comedy film that was produced in 1926. The General is thought to be among the greatest movies of all time. It has also gone far to receive recognition by the American Film Institute on many occasions for instance, it was nominated in 1998 for the American Film Institute’s 100 movies in the past 100 years and ranked number 18 for the top American Film Institute’s 100 laughs in 2000 (Keaton, 1926).

The General having been produced during the silent era reflects to this era socially, politically and aesthetically basing on how events unfold and its setting. To start with, The General is believed to be one of the most beautiful movies of all time. This is basing on the grey photography (due to the limited technology in the filming industry), rushing lines of the trains and flow that was flawless and well developed. Political impact of this movie is based on the fact that it was based on a true civil war train hijack story. This was far from the usual comedy films during that time. Keaton successfully communicates his message in humorous way through the expensive train wreck and the bitter love story.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here}

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932)
This particular movie was released in 1932 with Paul Muni as the starring and Mervyn LeRoy being the director. The movie has received several award nominations and accolades since its release. In the year 1991 it I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang was selected for by the Library of Congress for preservation owing to its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance.

This film having been produced in the early 1930s had several impacts to the pre-war through post-war era 9 (an era that was adopting the use of motion pictures). Early in the 1930s chain gang imprisonment was characterized by brutal punishments, something that makes Allen unwilling to go to prison. The first time he is imprisoned to the southern chain gang, he manages to escape and runs away from the second imprisonment. The result of this incidences resulted into several chain gang prisoners being released in the first month of 1933. I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang also had some political impacts. Basing on the vicious and brutal attacks depicted of Harold Hardy, the legitimacy of the U.S. legal system was questionable. The result was the push for the release of some chain gang prisoners (Wallis, 1932).

The 400 Blows (1959)
The 400 Blows is a French drama film released in 1959 with Jean-Pierre, Claire Maurier and Albert Remy as the starring. The title of this movie is an English translation of the original French title “faire les quatre coups”. It has received several awards and many view it as being among the best movies of a lifetime. The 400 Blows was among the earliest works produced during the French New Wave era. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The 400 Blows had several impacts on the French New Wave era in terms of social, political and aesthetic reflection. The 400 Blows is seen by many as one of the beautiful moves they have ever watched. This could be attributed to the smooth flow of events depicted by the movie and the great scenery behind the shooting. This movie also offers a clear picture on some of the injustices involved with treatment of juvenile offenders in France. For instance, when Antonio is handed over to the police by his stepfather, he spends the night in a cell full of thieves and prostitutes (Charlot, 1959). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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