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Navigation is the process of moving from one web page to another. Anything that facilitates the movement of a web visitor from one webpage to another enhances navigation. Website navigability is a crucial determinant of the overall success of a visitor experience on a site. A site’s navigation system acts as a roadmap to the different resources and links contained in a website. As such, usability and maintainability are critical aspects of a site’s navigation system.

In relation to navigation, website usability refers to the efficiency and effectiveness with which specific users can achieve certain goals within the site. It is a satisfaction measure for the general web browsing experience. Nielsen and Loranger (2006) define navigation as the ease with which web users learn how to use a website, coupled with how straightforward it is for them to remember how to use the site during their subsequent visits. It is a measure of satisfaction of a web user experience which is a product of the comfort and acceptability as viewed by the site’s visitors. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Regarding navigation, the most usable websites have an obvious and convenient way of movement from related pages and returning to the home page. Also, such websites maintain a simple structure and have a shallow navigation system as opposed to a deep one (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006). A shallow navigation system possesses many items in a menu rather than many menu levels (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006). A usable website also has its various menu items and sections available from every webpage and has no dead ends. .[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Website maintainability refers to the ease with which a site can be repaired in a defined context and within a specified time. Olwell (2001) notes that increased maintainability implies that a website has shorter repair times. Like any other systems, websites should be developed and maintained. Web designers should thus consider how easy it will be to maintain a website. One of the major website maintainability issues is the ease with which a site can be ported from one server to another. The use of relative links within the site makes porting easy (Powell, 2002). To enhance website maintainability, developers should chunk the information presented on the website so that updating of sections can be easy.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In sum, usability and maintainability are crucial factors in web design. To a great extent, navigation of a website is tied to the ease of movement by either users or developers of a site. The more maintainable and usable a website is, the better it is for user experience.

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