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Torts and Products Reliability

Torts and Products Reliability


Product: Reflective cardboard sunshades for car dashboards (David Burton)

         Sun shades are protective shields attached to a vehicle’s side window or windshield to prevent the sun from accessing the interior part of the car. It also helps to reduce the temperature inside the car. 

       A lot of questions arise about why a sun shade company would put that kind of label on its products knowing no one can drive with it on. It may sound hilarious but it is taking safety precautions and being on the right side of the law. Sunshield warning is always written in bold for all car owners to see and to remind them to always remove the protective shield before they start driving their cars.

      Driving a car with a sun shield in place may cause a lot of dangers and harm since there will be less visibility or no visibility at all. Lack of visibility or poor visibility is likely to result in an accident. For example, the car may enter a ditch, therefore, endangering the driver’s life or the driver may run through people, and buildings causing death and destruction of property. All this could have been prevented if the driver would have taken the warning label seriously and removed the sunshade.

      In other instances when the driver is not able to drive when the temperature is high, he/she can wait for the sun to go down so he/she can continue with the drive rather than driving with the sun shield in place. Driving with a sun shield in place is like jumping from a moving plane.

      In conclusion, the product’s warning may sound insignificant but are of great value for consumers’ safety. As a result, it is important to put the labels in place to safeguard the customer.


In Pictures: 24 Stunningly Dumb Warning Labels. Forbes. 


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