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To whom it may concern,

Growing up, I was always fascinated with engineering and technology. This fascination inspired me to study and eventually earn my undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems and my master’s degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in IT Project Management. My next goal now is to pursue an online program of Doctor of Engineering-Engineering Management at George Washington University. This is crucial to my career goal of eventually managing my own consulting company where I will be able to assist clients in project management activities in the office, process improvement, as well as system development and implementation of projects.

I am currently working as a Senior Consultant for CGI Group where I have taken a Project Manager role. I am managing project schedules, project scope, and project budgets. Aside from this, I have handled IT projects from inception to implementation while working closely with the project team, project sponsor, SMEs, stakeholders, cross-functional teams, clients, and vendors. I am proud to say that I have obtained the American Society of Quality Six Sigma Green Belt through managing various process improvement initiatives and utilizing Six Sigma best practices to streamline processes which increased the productivity throughout the organization.

I have no doubt that getting my Doctor of Engineering-Engineering Management degree at George Washington University is the final step that will make me successful as an owner of my consulting company in the future. I need to become an expert in engineering management which when combined with my extensive work experiences will enable me to overcome any challenge that I am going to face.

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By Hanna Robinson

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