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SLO: Teamwork and Collaboration (Response)

Indeed, collaboration among workers is critical for any organizational success. I agree with you that it is more important in the healthcare sector.  It means that healthcare workers and providers will work together in taking care of patients to ensure that they (patients) achieve positive health outcomes (Emich, 2018).  You have focused much on nurses’ collaboration, but I think the importance of collaboration in health care extends to all professionals tasked with patients’ wellness. O’Daniel and Rosenstein (2008) explained that the service delivery process in the health care system entails patient handoffs among many health care practitioners with different specialties. It is easy to have many errors in such a process, and the patient’s satisfaction is rarely achieved. Consider an example where you are sick, and you have to see different physicians get well. A simple miscommunication, like a misdiagnosis, among the doctors you are seeing, would worsen your condition, or worse, kill you. Collaboration ensures that there is teamwork among the physicians (O’Daniel & Rosenstein, 2008). It enables them to share expertise and work together towards making the patients recover effectively. 



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