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Responses: Organizational Behavior

Response to Question 1

Strategic Planning for Stroke: Achieving Specific Health Care Quality and Safety Improvements

I appreciate your commendation on my assessment of the required skills and practices a manager would need to mitigate virus-spreading events in the meat packaging environment. I am also happy to learn about the steps the banking sector has taken which are similar to the meat industry. Some of the most important mitigation measures necessary within every work environment are testing, encouraging vaccinations, testing, and availing protective gear such as masks and sneeze guards. The leaders in every organization are required to lead by example in the fight that ensures everyone is safe and protected. Important details about the virus should be passed to the workers who would most likely oblige when the senior members of the organization lead by example. Moreover, the vaccination and candid talks held by leaders in each firm with various teams under their control when advanced becomes an essential tool in the war against the virus. 

Since mutation makes the virus consistently change to give the medical practitioners hard time in developing appreciable mechanisms of combating it, the manager. Every entity must be flexible enough to take advanced cover steps that ensure they are not found unaware of the new shifts. Flexibility should be a trait and focus of the managers and the entire management system need to be adaptive to the dynamics of the spread.  By staying abreast of new policies, requirements, and legislations, that govern the social gathering, vaccination, protective measures among other vital mechanisms of controlling the spread, the managers would have taken a lead ahead of the mutation scheme. Consequently, every company needs to be alert at all times and should not relent in their pursuit for an infection-free environment of work for sustainability. 

Response to Question 2

Your observation on the concept of conducting education and training for the employees is quite insightful and appreciable. The war against the virus requires scrutiny of every influential department and stakeholder. Thus, your observation is key in making further evaluations and determinations that would aid in the fight. Moreover, your keen analysis of the low-income workers is essential as they form the bulk of the vulnerable population due to their inability to attend to vaccination services and afford protective gear. Additionally, the input on time-taking to ensure everyone is cared for and has a similar value of life in the community is a vital skill in management during this crisis. The interest of employees and their healthcare during such pandemics should be important to managers not only because of business continuity but also humanity and human posterity. Therefore, the managers should ensure that every employee is protected from the virus by getting the required protection since their failure would lead to the subsequent collapse of the company.  

The lapse observed in the education department that comes from the managers indicates how they belittle the situation and this is a precursor to the extended duration of the pandemic. Out of the 585 workers in the research, 72% are aware of the dangers that they may face due to the situation but only 42% of them have been tested which is an indication of the little initiatives the managers have taken to sensitize and educate workers about the dangers and need for testing and vaccination. Furthermore, even after instituting measures, the management failed to educate workers on the need for social distancing at work. Consequently, I would agree with your observation that education is the missing link in the fight against the pandemic. 

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