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Reflection on the Influence of Emotions on Communication: College Essay Examples

The interpersonal relationship needs to be self-managed by the interacting parties to be efficient. In that case, the primary concept learned from the course is that self-regulation by balancing logical reasoning and emotional intelligence is vital in improving a person’s psychosocial abilities. Significantly, interacting with people and the environment is central to improving our cognitive […]

ALS: Healthy Coping for Desirable Outcomes: College Essay Examples

Health History Mrs. Laura Appleseed is a 55-year-old retired nursing officer who has spent 32 years working for the Canadian Armed Forces. Approximately six months ago, Mrs. Appleseed was diagnosed with ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neuromuscular disease that affects the essay writer neurons that control voluntary muscle movement (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). As […]

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