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Journal Article Critique college essay examples

“Does psychology make a significant difference in our lives?” by Zimbardo Philip G. Zimbardo examines the important role that psychology plays in people’s lives. It highlights various instances in which psychology has been applied in different settings as well as its fundamental contributions in people’s lives. According to Zimbardo (2004), there was an intellectual tension […]

Juvenile Justice college essay examples

School to Prison Pipeline Schoolchildren who fall victims of the student jailing trend, are those who have a record of neglect, education incapacities, or even exploitation. This has facilitated the jailing of many children. In the article titled “Lesson ‘Racial for Justice and Movement Building,” by Padres and Jóvenes (Nance, 2016, p.20), the two authors […]

A Globally Connected Society: Its Pros and Cons critical response college essay examples

Critical Response (Topic 1)             We live in an Information Age where different societies are globally connected through the help of modern communication technologies. It is undeniable that the emergence of the Internet, the World Wide Web, computers, and mobile phones are significantly instrumental in making sure that people all over the world are easily […]

Case Study college essay examples

1. What are your six priority assessments? My first priority assessment is to check Dylan’s blood pressure. Although it has been stable throughout her pregnancy, it should be checked at every appointment as a continual check for preeclampsia (Henderson, Thompson, & Burda, 2017). Secondly, I would further screen for preeclampsia by checking for edema in […]

Economics college essay examples

Introduction             It is undeniable that neoclassical and radical economics have continued to dominate the discussion in the world of economics. Both approaches have their own principles and beliefs which they use to prove to the society that they are the best path to pursue. However, it is also evident that neoclassical economics has taken […]

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