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Ethical Dilemma Project - Lying on the Resume

Dear Sir/Madam,

I take this chance to show my interest in the current position of a mathematician at the Columbia State Community College.

I have an authentic concern to help resolve real troubles that affect the planet, such as economics. It is imperative that I attain a spot in an institute that shares similar goals with me. Your institution would ensure the likelihood of achieving that aspiration. For this purpose, I acquired a master’s degree majoring in applied mathematics, theory, algorithms, and computing methods. I plan on making more advancements in the future.

Knowing Columbia State Community College’s reputation for never settling for less than the best, I would be thrilled to put forward my mathematical services as I am undoubtedly the best in this field. Bringing more than 30 years of devoted practice in applications on mathematical techniques and theory to solve practical problems in both engineering and business, I am confident of my value as an enviable talent at your institute.

For the duration of time in which I have served as a mathematician in different business settings, I have effectively introduced statistical and mathematical models to scrutinize information to sustain business functions appropriately. Owing to demonstrated expertise in using data analysis to support and improve business decisions, interpret data, and report conclusions from their psychoanalysis, I have been a preference to lend a hand in hard business decisions that necessitate arithmetical computation. Furthermore, my aptitude to execute calculations and apply techniques of numerical examination to numbers is profound.

Suppose your current hunt is for a person who shall efficiently relate mathematical techniques and theories to practical problems to develop statistical models and create engaging computer simulations. In that case, there is no need to look any further.

My research also focused on the relationship between statistics and scientific principles. I have a complete understanding of the basics of differential equations as well as calculus. My perspective strategy includes continuing to earn college degrees to earn a Ph.D. 

In addition to my strong analytical skills, my expertise includes good abstract thinking and problem-solving skills, which are fundamental in the study and breaking down a problem to find a suitable resolution. It also includes the use of computer programs to create models that replicate the issue being scrutinized.

 Another element of my skills is always being friendly and upbeat and working well with other professionals to get to the bottom of intricate problems. It is also part of my skills. Additional individual abilities include self-motivation, the capacity to complete essential tasks on time while I work by myself, appreciating the call for privacy, and upholding the uppermost moral principles achievable.

 In addition, I have polished on convenient abilities, which have played an influential position in tackling confrontations in the occupation and carrying out my tasks by continuously standing in as a pivot of growth in my progressions in mathematics and statistics. It should also be mentioned that I have gained outstanding training and coaching skills to ensure that I achieve this goal.

After joining Columbia State Community College, I shall be committed to improving scholar competence by providing excellent training. These training are designed to be perfect in the in-depth mathematical and technical aspects of probability and statistics. 

Kindly find my CV in the attachment. There you shall find more information about my training experience and my contact details. If you would wish to discuss my application in detail, you can always contact me.

 Thank you for taking your precious time to review my application. Kindly reach out in case you need any more input concerning my background and education. I hope to have positive feedback from you soon. I shall be happy to present myself and prove my ability whereas discussing this work in more detail while I pitch in about the advantages I shall bring to the institute. 


Freeman John Dyson.


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