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Juvenile Justice

School to Prison Pipeline

Schoolchildren who fall victims of the student jailing trend, are those who have a record of neglect, education incapacities, or even exploitation. This has facilitated the jailing of many children. In the article titled “Lesson ‘Racial for Justice and Movement Building,” by Padres and Jóvenes (Nance, 2016, p.20), the two authors started fighting to eradicate the harsh and discriminatory discipline that was in schools, when the trend had not been branded the name it has now. The article explains how students were taken out of schools in an inhumane manner to juvenile jails.

In the article “Texas’ School-to-Prison Pipeline”, the authors are addressing the intersection of the school discipline as well as the gateways to the juvenile system (Ruíz, 2016, p.53). The focus of this report is on the arrest of students, and the use of a lot of force by the school cops.

In another article, titled “Suspended Education Urban Middle Schools in Crisis,” by Daniel J. Losen (Losen,  2015, p.132), the authors are trying to explain that over time there has been no evidence that taking the young student to juvenile criminal justice or jail rectifies the behavior of the student.

Another peer-reviewed article is the ‘Race, Law, and Justice: Strategies for Closing the School-to-Prison Pipeline’. It indicates several young children who have been taken to jail over time (Scully, 2015, p.68).  The authors are keen with the races, which are taken through the criminal justice system, and it records that the black juveniles are more as compared to the white students. The four articles are talking about students being detained due to a lack of discipline and what they go through in the hands of the police officers.


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