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Grubz is a company that wants to make the customers rank the restaurant as their No. 1 choice for the best grub around. The home-style menu is designed to satisfy the tastes of anyone’s taste buds. In fact, the staff at Grubz wants to have your tongue shouting out for more. The food is the result of many years of cooking. The head chef and sous chef have lived and breathed food for their whole lives, for a total of about 65 years. Along with the great food, the staff looks to implement a fun atmosphere that will have children’s hearts racing when they hear the name, and the parents smiling, because they know the whole family will be happy and getting along when they are at Grubz. My name is Glen Gramling and this is my company. We take great pride in employing 35 of the area`s brightest staff both at the front-of-the-house and in the back.

Company Mission
At Grubz, management aims to provide customers with the best selection of the most homely and fast foods for a remarkable price. We don’t believe in skewering our customers for all their money, but we will put our delicious food on a skewer, if you prefer. Clean, honest, hardworking people need clean, honest food with the hardworking staff to serve it to them, and this is what Grubz is all about.

HR Challenges
Like any company, Grubz has its human resources (HR) challenges that need to be addressed on a daily basis. This can be anything from contract negotiations to employee dispute resolutions. I will outline three HR problems currently being experienced at Grubz restaurants.

Unplanned Change
Managers are sometimes confronted with dealing with unplanned changes such as shifting employee demographics, gaps in employee performance, new regulations, competitors, a suffering (or prospering) economy and technological improvements. Change isn’t often easy to implement. Employees are sometimes unwilling to cooperate because of personal barriers, organizational barriers and lack of readiness. It is up to management to overcome the resistance and guide employees to accept. Many employees are afraid of the unknown and are unwilling to stop their habits. Many may not agree that change is needed, (Basic Change, 2007).

Two employees are having issues with each other’s practices. One of them works in the kitchen, while the other is a server. At a restaurant, the server is mainly focused on making as much tips as possible, and this means that his customers need to be very happy. The cook, however, is concerned with the quality of his food and he believes it should take as long as necessary so that the product is delicious. This type of dilemma is typical in the restaurant industry and a happy medium needs to be provided so that both the server and the cook aren’t at odds. HR can help in a situation like this by consulting with other managers to determine what standards should be set out so that the front- and back-of-the house can settle their disputes based on whether certain outcomes are being accomplished. For example, Grubz needs to implement a time standard for its food. Let’s say 15 minutes for the food to be ready, is permissible, (Jones and Brinkert, 2007).

Managing Poor Leadership Skills
Poor leadership skills can take their shape in many forms. Generally, a lack of communication between the leader and the followers is the source of most poor leadership skills. The leader needs to feel comfortable addressing the followers and needs to communicate well in order to relay the company’s values and build the group of followers into a unit with the same goals, (Kopp, 2005).

HR problems can take shape in many forms, but they all have a solution. While the solutions weren’t fully included due to the scope of this essay, it was the intention to show that the HR department has to deal with issues on a broad scale. Strategies are in place, such as employee inclusion strategies, executive conflict coaching and workshops. Once the problem is identified, the appropriate strategy can be executed and the company will be better positioned to have an HR management plan that will benefit everyone, from top management to the bottom-end employees.

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