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The latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that as of 2014 nearly 1.9 billion adults around the world are overweight with more than 600 million of these individuals being obese (WHO 1). In fact, this essay writer problem is not isolated just to adults, the WHO also revealed that 41 million children around the world (under the age of five) were also overweight or obese based on data collected in 2014.

Causes Behind Obesity

            Ranging from the prevalence of fast food and junk food, the sheer amount of cheap sugary drinks available in most supermarkets, to a distinct lack of physical activity, the causes behind obesity can come in a wide variety of different iterations. However, one common connection between all of them is that all these factors can be controlled and that, for a vast majority of the current overweight/obese population, their condition is preventable. It is not something that is innate; rather, it is based on the life choices a person makes and how parents choose to influence the eating habits of their children.

The Problem with Obesity

            Unfortunately, being obese comes with a wide assortment of different health concerns that can negatively affect your quality of life. Ranging from diabetes to a greater likelihood of developing heart disease, obesity is one of the leading preventable conditions that causes hundreds of thousands of people to die on a yearly basis.

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Preventing Obesity

            Every day we make choices that influence what will happen to our bodies and how this will impact our future. Choosing water over a sugary soda, cooked vegetables and lean meat instead of a burger and fries, or even avoiding candies, ice creams, and cake. Yes, it is true that commercials inundate us on a daily basis to visit a particular fast food place or to buy a particular type of junk food; however, in the end, it is still your choice to make.


            In summary, obesity is preventable, and it is connected to the choices you make in life. Whether you wish to die an early death due to clogged arteries or live a long and healthy existence is entirely up to you. However, you should never think that you do not have a choice in the matter since, in the end, obesity is something that can be addressed through proper portion control and self-discipline.

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