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How to Build a Multilingual Website and Why Every Business Should Have One

The advancements in modern technology pave the way for businesses to reach out to a wider range of audiences. While it is true that an online presence will definitely make your business known to more and more people, communicating your message to your audience through their native tongue will make a significant impact. This is one of the reasons why it is important to venture out into a multilingual website.

How to build a multilingual website

1.Choose a platform. There are several platforms that you can use in making your website. Some are open-source, while others need a license. Be mindful to choose a platform with ample support in case of bugs and other security risks.

2. Add a plugin. Most platforms can be extended with a plugin that will allow you to build your site in different languages. For instance, WordPress has a WPML plugin that enables your site to be multilingual.

3. Design your site. Choose from the design themes built in with the platform you have chosen. This is the easiest way to get started. Nevertheless, you also have the option to customize and implement your own design.

4. Hire a developer. For more advanced customizations, you may want to enlist the services of developers to build your multilingual website. There are already a number of experts in this field and they can help you accomplish your website within a reasonable budget.

5. Get translators. A multilingual site will not be complete without having your initial website content translated into different languages. For this, you need to get translators, depending on the language you wish to offer. Spanish translation services are among the most in-demand services in terms of translation, along with Chinese translation services. You need real persons to accomplish this because machine translation is generally only appropriate to understand a foreign text, but not write texts in a foreign language.

6. Consider SEO. Finally, optimize your website through SEO. Ensure that your content is meaningful and relevant for your target audience. With a multilingual website, you can cast a wider net for possible clients. 

Why every business should have a multilingual website

In attempting to reach a wider range of audiences, translating your website is the most cost-effective method compared to other options such as building a new and entirely different website for your business. Because your target audience is able to understand the message you are trying to convey, they will find it more comfortable to navigate through your site. They will stick around longer and eventually purchase your products. Thus, a multilingual website will also increase your revenue.

Having an online presence for your business is only the first step in reaching a wider range of audiences. Making a personal connection with your target market in a language they understand more will definitely be more beneficial for your business in terms of engaging your audience long enough to buy your products and subscribe to your services. In this manner, your target clients are more comfortable in navigating through your website since they understand each of the instructions more.

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