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One of the most common causes of AIDS is the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The development of AIDS may occur if HIV is not properly managed (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). In this paper, we will discuss what we know about HIV and AIDS, what the panelists know about AIDS and HIV regard to transmission, source, and method of protection if medical authorities have the situation under control, and the hostile stereotypes that come in line with the discussion of AIDS all based on the video.

In the film, it seems that there is a lot of debate over how HIV is spread. We’re trying to figure out whether and how males may spread HIV to women. I’m curious about it, too. Why do just 11% of the African-American population account for 25% of the AIDS infections in the United States? There are also questions over whether or not homosexuals are at risk of developing HIV/AIDS and whether or not we are protected from the illness because we are heterosexual. We’d also want to know whether mosquitoes are to blame for the AIDS pandemic in the mostly black neighborhood of Belle Glade, Florida, which has the nation’s highest concentration of AIDS cases. Finally, we want to know whether we may get AIDS by eating pork that has been contaminated with AIDS and from swine.

Panelists in the video have different views and opinions concerning HIV and AIDS. One says it is important to take the matter of HIV seriously because it is a serious matter as it kills even heterosexuals due to drug injections. According to a doctor, mosquitoes carry AIDS, and that it may be transmitted between individuals who come into daily touch. Studies show that contaminated pigs may cause AIDS, and AIDS is linked to ASF. There is a denial that AIDS originated in Africa, and instead, it is blamed American homosexuals for the outbreak.  Sharing needles as a method of intravenous drug use has been the second most common risk factor for intravenous drug users. There have only been a few occurrences of hemophiliacs receiving blood products and kids born to women who are at risk of hemophilia. When it comes to heterosexual relationships, we’ve observed a few examples of individuals in danger of HIV infection, including a few women who acquired the disease from an injectable drug user.

As a contemporary viewer, I have no confidence that the medical authorities had the situation under control; this is supported by the fact that somebody got hold of some frozen serum used in automotive research before 1972. These serums were tested again when the first instances of AIDS began to appear in the United States; they detected remnants of these viruses, and all of a sudden, that’s where the virus originated. Hostile stereotypes that come with this discussion are the belief that AIDS originated in Africa, yet in reality, many of those infected in Africa are heterosexuals. This is contrary to the fact that homosexuals were the main carriers of HIV and AIDS. Thereby there is no clear explanation on how AIDS is so high among heterosexuals in Africa.


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