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“Forest Gump” Literary Exploration

“Forest Gump” Literary Exploration

The theme of the movie is that happiness may come in different forms in life. It illustrates how a sense of purpose helped Forest achieve happiness; he knew what he wanted and was determined to get it; he was not afraid and he was optimistic. In life, having a sense of purpose is essential as it gives you the direction and the focus of achieving your desires.

In the movie, we find that Gump goes through many tribulations s in life but does not give up on achieving his happiness; he is firmly convinced that no matter how rough the journey is, good things will come along, and he is sure to get what he wants. In the same way, everyone is insightful with different perspectives (Pescatore 2020).  It is therefore wise that an individual should make use of their unique perspectives and follow their dreams. 

The story teaches that one should not be afraid t share their purpose as long as it does not cause any harm (Pescatore 2020). Instead, they should fight for it until they get it.  It encourages that if one has a purpose in their life, they are not afraid to try new things or fail. 

A sense of purpose helps one to remain optimistic in life (Pescatore 2020). The entire journey of Forest Gump optimism’s key element. It helps him to be tough when challenges arose. Optimism keeps one focused on the bright side of life. It reassures one that there will be solutions when terrible things happen.

Having a sense of purpose in my life has changed the ways I view life. I think that the power to succeed lies in one’s thoughts. I learned that the only limits that keep us from achieving our dream are those we have set in our minds.

Thus, a sense of purse helps one to find a way to pursue their dreams no matter what. It helps one overcome the challenges that come along the way, eliminate the fear of trying new things and be optimistic all the time. If everyone adopted a sense of purpose, people’s new mindset would lead to transformation.



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