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Discussion 1
Activity 2
Responding to XXXX, in reference to “VCH Mental Health Program Closing.”           

I agree with what XXXX is saying about the devastation that is caused when social programs are shut down. This one in particular is a disturbing case, because it is not like the people using this service are free-loading. I can somewhat understand when a government tightens up on the amount of social programs when it is for initiatives such as welfare (because many welfare recipients are free-loaders) but when it is cutting people off who really don’t have the ability to get a job and support themselves, our government is letting us down.

One of the reasons that I pay taxes is so that I can live in a society where we sympathize for those who are less fortunate. I want to pay taxes so I also have the kind of support that these hundreds of unfortunate people have, if I were put into such a dire situation. I don’t want to live in a nation knowing that at any moment, the government could turn its back on me when I am most in need. I see that these closures are very common during the Stephen Harper reign.

Discussion 2
Activity 1
Subject: Half of First Nations children live in poverty
Author: Amber Hildebrandt

In this article, the author points to the monetary status of First Nations children in Canada. Amber Hildebrandt notes that about half of all First Nations children live in poverty. That stat worsens in Manitoba and Saskatchewan where about two-thirds of First Nations children are living in poverty. This article is at the heart of sociology’s study of human social behaviour, and it raises various questions about why this is happening.

The information collected is an example of positivism, because it is scientifically gathered information about the percentage of First Nations children living in poverty. It is important to make this distinction because anti-positivism information isn’t as credible. However, this study was completed by credible organizations called the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Save the Children Canada. Those who support anti-positivism might not think these statistics tell the full story. This is because there may be nuances in the First Nations lifestyles that don’t necessarily require the type of monetary capital that is typical for the rest of Canada. German philosopher Hegel would likely take issue to the stats because the research isn’t conducted in a way that investigates the well-being of the children in these situations. While the children could very well suffer from a low standard of living because of the lack of money they have, that wasn’t shown in the research.

Activity 2
Responding to ZZZZ, in reference to “Income inequality spikes in Canada’s big cities.

This was a well-researched post, and I agree with a lot of what is said. I liked the way the cost of living was put into context, and then a comparison was made with wages in 1982. I think this issue is certainly one that needs to be addressed, but I don’t think it will be addressed. I believe the main reason for the high cost of living here, is because Vancouver is one of the best places to live in the world. That attracts many wealthy people from all over the globe to live in Vancouver.

One of the major factors in the high cost of living is rent and purchasing a home. That is extremely high here because many of the immigrants are increasing the demand for housing. That increase in demand is outweighing supply, and that is driving the price higher. Essentially, this forces many people to either leave, or live a very poor lifestyle.

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