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The use of technology is becoming embraced, and cloud system is rated as one of the best options. While this could be considered the best option, people should know that it has its flaws. Despite such flaws, it still has its benefits, and that shows why many people choose to use it as their default platform in different applications. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

One of the biggest threats is data breaching (Lukan, 2014). Since one can access the physical files of another device from a remote device, it becomes simpler for hackers to access people’s files. While this was originally intended for users to access their files without having to move around with the machines, this also gives the hackers an easier time as they steal files. In addition, the cloud system is fully dependent on internet service. This means that whenever there is an interruption, the system suffers a setback (Lukan, 2014). The ease of use when it comes to cloud system also poses a threat especially when sensitive data is involved. In the case of companies, many employees will be in the cloud system, and that enables them access to different company files. The chances of leakage or alteration of such files become possible, and it would be time-consuming for one to trace the source of the leakage. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

These three problems pose a threat especially when valuable data are included in the cloud system. Some of the possible solutions could include the inclusion of security protocols that only gives access to persons with clearance. This way, it becomes simpler for the company management to trace the persons that leak or alter company data (Lukan, 2014). When such security measures are included, people could still access their files or data from different devices while still protecting the same. This will assure people of safety and convenience, and that is what many people need whenever data usage or management is concerned. In the case of ease of use in the cloud system, people can do very little to change the same.
Therefore, all it takes for one to benefit from the cloud system is the introduction of security measures to protect the data.  The security protocols need to be followed in all the different devices that people could use in accessing data. When fewer people have clearance, the services are likely to be efficient while guaranteeing safety as well. Many improvements are being made to the cloud system, and that makes it a promising option for people in the long term. Another reason why it is considered important is its flexibility. The cloud system can be used in a variety of settings. People have used this option in both corporate and private settings. As long as people have constant internet access, then they could be sure to find the best experiences with the cloud system. Also, people have to create remote backups of data since the cloud system could have some issues and result in time delays as people strive to access their data. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >


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