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Relationships are one of the ways through which families are built, and that makes it important that people understand the associated dynamics. The Bowen theory states that there are different levels of maturity in relationships. This would explain why people usually have different experiences in their relationships. There is often a difference between an individual and a group, and that shows why the Bowen Theory becomes vital in different relationships.

The Bowen Theory states that people are deeply connected with their nuclear families in a bigger way than they may realize. This is common with different people, and it would show the differences in families. For instance, all members of a family usually have their special roles that define their individual self. The levels of maturity also vary for the family members in a nuclear setting (Faithwalking, 2012). This could explain people find families to have different interactions. There are often people that act more maturely than others in the nuclear families do, and this tends to complement the existent setup. This proves that families are more important that individuals and influence how people are likely to turn up.

The example of the woman stating that her children refuse to open a bottle of soda after being shaken shows an example of a family member identifying their own self. This clearly shows the different roles and manner in which people grow. If the children had been younger, they would have agreed to open the soda bottle. However, they could have had a bad experience in the past and made them more mature when making future decisions. The Bowen theory states that children are anxious at a young age, but then this changes as they start learning different things.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 1
In addition, I also think the Bowen Theory has changed the manner in which people view the family. Being the functional unit in society, people always thought that the individuals are most important in the family. However, the family influences people more than they think they define their families. The different levels of maturity tend to make families unique. For instance, the children are known to make families interesting with their tendencies to engage in different activities. The adults are supposed to set examples for the children to influence the best child development. While considering the roles of pastors, the parents will need to be there for the children and show them the right way. The example of a parent always shaking their children’s arms when greeting them is likely to make the children adopt the same habits. Therefore, the Bowen Theory can help people in society understand the dynamics of a family and the best ways through which people can have the best ones. . [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 2
While people’s physique and emotional support comes from their environment, their families have a bigger role in defining this environment. A family is also affected by religion, and people can readily seek their emotional support through their family members. The ability of family to provide people with both emotional and spiritual greatly determines the characters of the family members. Anxiety directly affects people, and that can be used to define their behavior. In young people, this is often characterized by people feeling the urge to know everything. For instance, is where two people meet and one party is anxious. The behavior of the affected person will be determined by their levels of anxiety. Therefore, the Bowen Theory is based on people’s anxiety and how it determines their behaviors. These effects can be easily determined in families. . [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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