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Favorite Technology Product

My favorite technology product is a smartphone because it is versatile and powerful even if it can just fit in my pocket. I must admit that it seems impossible already for me to survive a day without my smartphone since I rely on it so much to be productive. I can send and receive text messages or calls using my smartphone. I can browse the Web using my smartphone to check my emails throughout the day. I can also use my smartphone to check my social media accounts and find out the latest developments in society. Whenever I see something nice around me, I can just use my smartphone to capture a video or take a picture. If I am bored, I can just listen to music or play games using my smartphone. There are just so many things that can be done by a smartphone nowadays which makes it versatile while being mobile, and this explains why it is my favorite technology product.

Least Favorite Technology Product

My least favorite technology product is a camera because it has become obsolete already. The smartphones that exist nowadays already have excellent cameras with them, and they can do many other things aside from capturing images. Thus, it has become a waste of money if people will still buy a camera nowadays since they can just buy smartphones and get the excellent camera that they want. The camera can only do one thing which is to capture the best images, and it was relevant until the smartphones with excellent cameras came along. The camera has become my least favorite technology product since it does not make any sense for me to still buy it when I can just buy a smartphone that will allow me do more things than just capture images. I do not want to waste my money in buying something that can only do one thing because this is not good value for my hard-earned money at all. It is unfortunate that the camera has become obsolete already nowadays, but it was fun using it when it was still relevant and effective for the people.

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By Hanna Robinson

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