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I do agree with you that people have left the judicial systems to make critical decisions such as that of gay marriages when they should be at the forefront fighting for their brothers and sisters. However, I would attribute this tendency to the many challenges that people have faced in the past such as gender equality and racism, which required people to fight the initial system and force changes. There could be a possibility that people appreciate the accomplishment of these previous issues that they fail to recognize the gay rights issue as an important one in this era.

It is indeed sad that culture plays a significant role in the population dynamics of countries. As you have stated, Africa and India have cultures that promote childbearing while Japan has women looking to better their careers, a situation that lowers their fertility by the time they are ready to bear children. My biggest concern is India’s tendency to promote childbearing and abort in case the expectant mothers are expected to bear girls. The world has now developed to a stage in which gender equality applies to everything but the biggest obstacle to this global development is culture. For the case of Japan, I have always interacted with many children in my school life and would not like to imagine being in a class alone for 11 years. The situation needs to change so that AIDS prevalence is reduced in Africa, abortions stopped in India, and birth rates increased in Japan. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Racial discrimination is still an issue to date and the story of the Loving’s clearly shows how powerful love can be with two people involved. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]I am glad to see that now people marry interracially without any objections. Even though history does not give the Loving’s the credit they deserve, they still managed to mark history as people who were willing to battle society to prove that even people from different races can love each other and peacefully co-exist.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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