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The Impact of Nature and Nurture on Personality

Research Problem

It is puzzling how human behavior and interactions are determined by traits and which sets the direction for various day-to-day activities. More often, humans have grappled with the question of why people behave in a certain manner. The topic of determinants and influences of behavior is intimately tied to attitudes, affirmative actions, and leadership. The phrase ‘nature and nurture’ separates the elements that define what makes a personality. It highlights if human characteristics are learned or inherited. Nature gives birth to the individual and comprises of faculties of growth of mind and the body. On the other hand, nurture outlines the role of the environment in strengthening or limiting how the growth takes place. Scholars have long recognized the role of nature and nurture to hypothesize about behavior. However, different branches highlight the impact of each element based on their framework. For instance, behaviorism focuses on environmental influence while biological psychology explores the role of genes. The nature vs nurture debate has plagued the study of behavior and demands a look into the interpretation from both sides to present a modern perspective on the topic.

Personality can be described as a set of characteristics that cause one to behave in a certain manner. I was made to believe that my personality was based on genetics. Though some might argue that it might be true, my opinion solely lies on the role of nature in assigning traits. I was raised in a strict home that was punctuated with hostility and aggressiveness. My parents were very particular about what I could, the duration, and who accompanied me. I was shy and I found it hard to interact with other individuals apart from my family members. Holding conversations with my peers and classmates was an uphill task and I often retreated to my corner during meal breaks. My admission into campus proved the juice to be worth the squeeze. I was forced to make personality adjustments based on social learning processes and the school’s societal demands. The environment was warm and welcoming hence promoting positive behavioral outcomes.  

On other hand, it is important to also highlight the role of genetics in influencing personality. Despite growing in a shared environment, each child in my family showed different traits. This reflects that nurture might have played a role in impacting the developmental process. In the article The Age-Old Debate of Nature vs. Nurture, the author highlights that both elements play a critical role in influencing behavior. The author opines “…the reality is that there is not a simple way to disentangle the multitude of forces that exist” (Cherry). The correct approach to this debate is to embrace how these two factors interact and influence personality development. 


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