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I do agree with you on the fact that offense is the best defense. For instance, the United States is a powerful nation with cyber-attack capabilities but was always reluctant to fight back. As a result, it has suffered many cyber-attacks from countries such as North Korea and China. The Sony Enterprise Company hacking showed the lengths to which North Korea was willing to go just to protect their integrity (BBC, 2014). On the other hand, the NSA hacking was carried out by China, and that was the breaking point for the United States. As you have stated, the joint US-Israeli cyber-attack on the Iranian Nuclear enrichment program showed many nations that the once common victim was now willing to fight back.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In fact, the use of cyber-attacks in the military also makes the US even more dangerous. Unlike the past in which it had to march its troops to different countries, it can now just attack the cyber systems of target countries. The Iranian case also portrays the US as a country with powerful allies and the technical expertise to carry out such an attack. Therefore, other nations are likely to fear retaliation in case they attack its cyber systems. The regulation, policies, and international laws also offer the United States the chance to determine the ideal time to conduct the attacks. It can use such policies to its advantage and target its would/be attackers.

The world is now dependent on cyber systems, and this makes it more vulnerable than before. Countries can suffer attacks without troops being on the actual ground. Just like any other activity, practice is likely to make perfect. Therefore, the more attacks get carried out by the US, the better is can modify its defense systems while making its enemies afraid to attack.
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