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Qualitative and Evidence-Based Research


Basically, any research can either be qualitative or quantitative. The baseline between the two types of research is in their tendency to use numerical data to prove an argument or hypothesis. An understanding of the implications of the two forms of research is instrumental in guiding the research process. In this case, qualitative research is an explanatory analysis used to gain an insight into the fundamental reasons, opinions, and motivations. It thus helps to expound on potential qualitative analysis in a given case. Conversely, research-based practices tend to make decisions centered on past practices.  Therefore, this method inclines towards decisions from cases that have already studied. As such, this discussion differentiates between evidence-based practices and the study of qualitative research.

Qualitative research is also categorized into evidence-based research since most of the research attained can be used as a basis for evidence-based research. To differentiate between the two concepts, the paper analyzes the articles, “Evidence-Based Practices, Attitudes, and Beliefs in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Serving American Indians and Alaska Natives: A Qualitative Study” and  “Maltreated Children’s Social Understanding and Empathy: A Preliminary Exploration of Foster Carers’ Perspectives.”

In the prior discussion, it discusses the importance of qualitative evidence-based library and information practice, with a focus on the practical tips for evaluating, as well as implementing effective research (qualitative). The methodology used in the two articles is differentiated in their presentation. For example, Larios, Wright, Jernstrom, Lebron, and Sorensen (2011) use the case study to try to prove the attitudes, beliefs, and their effect on America’s tendency to abuse substances. In this case, Larios et al. (2011) take a qualitative methodology in their analysis of attitudes towards evidence-based practices. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]The study treats individuals based on the evidence provided to prove whether they require treatment. Evidence-based research tends to be specific to the research in question. For instance, in this case study, the research provides information regarding on the Native Americans and Alaskans Natives in the country.

Similarly, the discussion of the maltreated children’s social understanding is used to demonstrate the use of qualitative research. In this case, to gain an in-depth understanding of the study, it takes a thematic analysis, revealing that it is a study of the entire presented situation. An evidence-based research tends to use a qualitative research capable of revealing more insights into a study. Conversely, the qualitative research is much more general and researches into the children’s tendency to be maltreated. In fact, it does not specify particular situations proving the argument and the methodology used to collect information (Luke & Banerjee, 2012).[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Evidently, the two articles appear to be different in their approach to the study. While Larios et al. (2011) attempt to depict the availability of qualitative data that could generally be used to justify arguments, Luke and Banerjee (2012) show that the qualitative research is more specific on to a particular case-study and helps understand a situation based on a study. Conclusively, evidence-based research is a portrayal of the tendency of concrete evidence to validate a case. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Larios, S. E., Wright, S., Jernstrom, A., Lebron, D., & Sorensen, J. L. (2011). Evidence-Based practices, attitudes, and beliefs in substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indians and Alaska natives: A qualitative studyJournal of Psychoactive Drugs43(4), 355-359.
Luke, N., & Banerjee, R. (2012). Maltreated children’s social understanding and empathy: A preliminary exploration of foster carers’ perspectives. Journal of Child and Family Studies21(2), 237-246.

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