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Assignment 1: Introduction to Psychology
I found the history of psychology to be interesting, mostly because I am fascinated with the way people thought centuries ago.

While I have already learned much about historical events, and philosophical thinking of the past, psychology is perhaps an even more interesting area, because I can see the areas where psychologists of the past we correct in their estimations and where they were wrong. It is certainly a tangible field of study, whereas philosophy is open to interpretation.
Much of the information included in this section is about the theories that proved to be used today, or those that were very close to being the same as what is believed today. However, I would have liked to learn about some of the bold claims that were once made that have been proven wrong.
Assignment 2: The Vehicle for Psychological Discovery
It was certainly made clear in this section that there is a structure to much of the psychological theories that took place, but the majority of it is speculation. The same could be said today, and many of the psychological theories are a form of pseudoscience, as many would put it. I would have liked there to have been a greater emphasis on the fact that much of the psychology of the past is unproven, and in that sense there has been little progress.
I enjoyed learning about the schools of thought and seeing how they came to be what they are today. It was also fascinating to see how these schools of thought interacted with each other and how they have diverging views about the same topics.
Assignment 3: Personality
This section was my favorite because it is interesting how different people come to having different personalities. Much of the theories were based on either biological constraints or those that were learned as the child was growing up. I find some of the Freudian theories, which are often biological, to be quite far-fetched, but I give more credit to the shaping theories that the behavior can be taught.
The personality component in psychology is perhaps the most alluring, because it effects everyone. I enjoyed that this section was so keyed in on the various traits that most people have and how these traits have likely come about.
Assignment 4: Human Development
In this section, there was a lot of information about the various influences of parenting on the child. To be completely honest, I thought a lot of what was pointed out in the readings is very obvious. All of the information boils down to a person being the result of either good or bad parenting. I am not sure I agree with this, as I think there is a certain amount of biological components attributing to the development of a human being’s psychology.
This section took the personality section and placed it into a broader field. I enjoyed investigating the general types of people that develop from specific situations. There seems to be a mold that is taken on by people who have different upbringings and who have a different genetic code.

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Assignment 5: Neurological and Genetic Bases of Behavior
This section I found to be more concrete than the previous sections. There was certainly a lot of information about the actual tangible factors that can play a role in the development of a person. I would have liked to see some information about tragedies such as fetal alcohol syndrome, but of course not everything can be covered.
The various theorists in this field is also interesting, because it shows there is a lot of different views about the same subject. I would have liked to learn a little more about the history of each psychologist to find out really what makes them tick, but I know there will be more time in the course to go over some of the various traits of these psychologists.
Assignment 6: Social Behavior
I enjoyed learning about the genetics versus the environment in the development of social behavior. This is an interesting balancing act about what is the dominating factor in the way that people turn out to be. After listening and reading about what was covered in this section, it has become apparent to me that parents are largely responsible for the social behavior that their children assume. Mainly, it is the type of upbringing, such as the social class and other cultural factors that play a role in the way that a child turns out. However, another important aspect in determining the outcome of a child is how well a parent has done at caring for their children.
This section covered much of the elements related to the prenatal development, which I found to be less convincing, but there are many components of it that made perfect sense. For example, there are the gender implications on the development of a person. These relate to the DNA molecules that is determined by a number of genes. I found the section to be extremely stereotypical, but I suppose it has to make general observations, which are probably true observations, for the sake of providing a study that is probably full of ideas that are true. By the very nature of psychology, there has to be a lot of generalizations and assumptions that are put on people and the ways that they or, or how they have developed.

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