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Notice to Vacate Example

Your Name and Current Address


Managers Name and Current address as indicated on the lease

Re: Notice of Intent to Vacate

Dear (Name of the Manager)

This letter constitutes my written 30-day notice of my intention to leave the property listed above on April 29, 2017.

The reason for leaving part of which I have communicated before both in writing and telephone calls, include unsatisfied quality of services agreed upon on the lease agreement. In particular, the black substance coming out of the sinks in the bathroom and tub has not been rectified even after forwarding the complaint. Additionally, the mice in my apartment for which I have on several occasions reported continue to roam about causing destruction to furniture and documents. Wood roaches within the apartment have incessantly been a source of inconvenience despite the fact that someone has been coming to spray on several occasions. There also seems to be a lack of will in fulfilling tenant’s obligations on the part of the management. This is evident in the manner in which tenants complaints and concerns are not treated with the seriousness that they deserve. Considering the rent price of $ 899 charged on the property, I feel the services provided in addition to the current condition of the property do not match.

I expect that my security deposit of $ [ ], given to you on (Deposit Date), will be refunded in full due to the fact that the apartment has been left in good condition less conditions that were beyond my control. The deposit can be sent to (insert address).

I can be reached at (address and new phone) for any issues or concerns.


(Your name).

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