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The Bronx refers to the northernmost section of New York. It is the third most densely population section of New York City with people of different racial origins. For instance, one can find a large population of African Americans and Latinos within this area. The Bronx River divides this section into two namely the west and east parts of the Bronx. The term “Bronx” was derived from the name Jonas Bronck (Bronx River Alliance, 2008). He was responsible for the establishment of the first settlements within this area. It was at this point that he was displaced and the area received several immigrants.

While considering the best foods within this area, one should consider the different options offered in the local restaurants. Popular dishes within this area include West African dishes such as Ebe Yie Yie, Bate, and Papaye among many others (Serious Eats, 2016). People can also find local dishes in this area such as sandwiches, spinach suffices, and the fried eggplants. The important thing to know is that people will find different food variety from which to choose in the Bronx. This area has many restaurants that offer people different services. That makes it a reliable tourist destination for people looking to try different things. [Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Music is an important part of the Bronx, and many artists associate use that to express themselves. This area has produced several musicians such as Jenifer Lopez and Remy Ma among many others. In the songs, one can always hear about how life in the Bronx was tough, and they had to work hard to achieve their status. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]The music produced in this area is rich in diversity, as persons of different racial origins inhabit the Bronx (Ranker, 2016). This means that the music produced in this area is equally diverse. For instance, Jenifer Lopez produced a blend of Latin and American music. Remy Ma, on the other hand, produces hip-hop songs. In addition, the music sector is very active in the Bronx as many artists are recognized in both America and foreign countries. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Hip-Hop was started in the late 1970s by young Latinos and African Americans. It was widely associated with the low-class districts within New York, mainly involved graffiti arts and breakdances. Given the fact that many people engaged in Hip-Hop were unemployed, they used this to find jobs in nightclubs and other places in which they could work as deejays. During these events, they would also make block parties, in which they would ask people to talk along with the beat. It is with this that rapping was invented (English Club, 2016). Rapping is still common and still dominates music in the modern world. It might have undergone some changes, but then people still use that for entertainment purposes. Over time, people started to rap using rhymes, and that gave rise to different styles. Many people in this area use music to express their feelings. Most hip hop music have messages that also demonstrate the culture of persons living in this area. In addition, Hip-Hop has also created a sense of community within people in this area. People can relate to each other and even use music to preach peace among other messages.

Therefore, the Bronx is widely associated with different cultures and people of different races. Despite the persons living in this area being poor, they have demonstrated creativity in different ways. The use of music and food businesses shows some of the initiatives taken by people in this area to make a living. Music is an important part of the Bronx, and that shows the vital role played by Hip Hop within this area. In conclusion, the Bronx should be a place for people to visit if they look to understand how people in poor communities live and use creativity to survive.


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