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Based on the statistical data acquired from this study, it is evident that mother incarcerationhas an effect on the wellbeing of young people in society. This study will measure success based on the changes made in society in support of the affected children. The use of social media for awareness could also provide a good tool for measuring success based on the number of persons that offer assistance to this initiative.

Even though the prison system applies some equity in handling both men and women, the incarceration of women appears to have a bigger impact on society as compared to that of men. Given the fact that most imprisoned women usually have children, it becomes important the government and relevant agencies find solutions to this social problem. The association of women incarceration and drug abuse among teenagers has been overlooked for the longest time but is a major issue in the American society.  It has also shown that the affected children have a problem with concentration in class. This would explain why their performances are rather poor with discipline issues. Since they are often bullied by other children for lack of guardians, they tend to have a negative perception of society, and that explains why they tend to display aggression. This means that incarceration affects the children from a psychological and criminal justice perspectives. The use of flyers to create awareness on this issue is likely to succeed, as it will spread faster among people in different areas. The added use of social media will ensure that people within America and other countries know the issue. The use of programs to help these affected children is also likely to change these effects and reduce the levels of suffering by children of imprisoned mothers. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
The use of social welfare programs should be considered for these children as the government has the responsibility of ensuring they have access to all basic needs such as food and education. Failure to access these resources would make them desperate and engage in criminal acts, which would also mean they suffer imprisonment. In this case, the American legal system would be dooming its people by failing to recognize this big issue in society. In addition to the use of flyers and social media, it would be a good idea to use the traditional forms of media such as print and broadcast media platforms. This way, reporters could get informed on this issue and increase pressure on the government and relevant agencies to form policies that guarantee the welfare of all incarceration women. The provision of welfare to these children will mean they lack a reason to use drugs, as they will be living in foster care homes, in which they will have access to all basic services. Counseling and therapy services should be considered as they play a significant role in making the affected children feel loved. This would help them concentrate better in class and improve their grades. This study has proved that the incarceration affects the children’s performance in schools, a factor that affects them in the long term. The counseling and therapy services will also help the affected persons to deal with anger management, anxiety, and depression among many other psychological challenges. The government and other institutional bodies need to sensitize people on accepting the children of incarceration women as this study has shown them suffer for their parents in some cases. This should be achieved through social media and inclusion on the school curriculum. The use of social media will ensure that society accepts the children and not judge them for their parents’ mistakes while the school curriculum will guarantee their peaceful stay in classes. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Based on this proposal, I have learned that the incarceration of women has a greater impact on society that people may realize. I have always known that children are affected by this proposal has made me realize that it is an issue that needs to be addressed in the shortest time. We cannot afford to let other children suffer for the mistakes of their parents. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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