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Community College in America

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Higher education is a controversial issue that triggers intense debates about Ivy League Schools versus the more affordable community colleges. Both education systems have their strengths and shortcomings. Nonetheless, Ivy League school supporters argue that the education system gives students a much better education. The supporters also argue that students who attend prestigious Ivy League schools achieve a superior upbringing. Notably, Ivy League education gives students a head start in highly competitive law, business, and finance courses. Moreover, the Ivies are more selective and select some of the best and brightest learners hired in the top global companies. Although Ivies are expensive, students’ education is worth it as the learners get access to studying resources crafted by the most brilliant minds. 

Community colleges also offer good education where learners acquire valuable skills to fit in the competitive job market. Most of the students attend community institutions because of their social status. In this perspective, community college is an education that many learners can afford. Students can learn and achieve their dreams through certification programs, especially for those with lower grades. The qualifications of tutors in higher education are much similar, and therefore students have the opportunity to acquire the competencies required when they are determined. Therefore, whether a student affords Ivy League School or community college, one stands an opportunity to prosper in education. 

In conclusion, my opinion is that the defenders of higher education cannot have it both ways. They must acknowledge that numerous factors push students to attend either Ivy League schools or community colleges in America. Individuals’ affordability and social status determine the kind of education a student will have. Therefore, the assertion that students who attend Ivy League schools are smarter is contradicted by their claim that social status makes them that way. 

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