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Accommodations for the Deaf/ Hard of Learning Students

Accommodations for the Deaf/ Hard of Learning Students

Most deaf/hard of hearing students face numerous special challenges when working in a traditional classroom; as a result, I believe providing suitable accommodations will help these type of students to realize their full academic potential. After watching the video, I have gained more insights regarding the specific accommodations that should be provided for students suffering from one or more forms of hearing disabilities.

One way through which this information might help me in a classroom when I have a student with deafness or hearing loss is by ensuring that they are provided with qualified personnel who can assist them in learning. Most deaf and hard-of-hearing students have different needs based on the severity of their conditions. For instance, if a deaf student has challenges comprehending everything said in class, I will make sure that I provide a speech-language pathologist who will help the students enhance their listening, comprehension, vocals, pragmatics and vocabulary. Additionally, I may provide an interpreter who will encourage fluent communication between the deaf student and the hearing person or teacher in the classroom. If this method does not work for the student, I may also seek the services of a real-time captioner who will help transcribe everything that is said in the classroom, whether onsite or remotely.

Since the hearing of deaf students is already impaired, they must be provided with physical accommodations that will minimize distractions. One of the physical accommodations that will be made in this area relates to setting the classrooms in a less noisy or crowded place. Additionally, I will ensure that these students sit in places where they can see a teacher. If there are minimal noises in the classroom, I will facilitate these students’ learning by encouraging them to have hearing devices validated by the hearing audiologist. Lastly, when teaching using a visual aid, I will strive to provide captioning or transcribed texts for the students to understand what is being communicated fully. If all these techniques are included, it will help them fully participate in educational activities like their counterparts who do not have hearing problems.


Providing Services and Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in a Mainstream Setting








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