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Topic 3.1:

Review/Critique the Sample Cover and Query Letters
Do the letters follow the guidelines outlined?

The cover letter successfully demonstrates that the person applying for the job has some of the skills that are necessary for employment. However, the letter is not specific enough to the company that they are applying to. While there is some information specific to the company, it is not enough to be fully encompassing. It also does not do a very good job at expanding on what is in the resume. More information would be helpful. The query letter is not very well-written. It is not tailored to the company that it is being sent to. It does give a sample, which is useful. It also tries to be witty, which is not supposed to happen in a query letter. The author of the letter talks about getting pregnant by a poet, and this is not necessary information. There are also some errors, such as the dashes needed in “up-and-coming.”

If you were the recipient of the cover letter, would you request an interview with the applicant?

It is difficult to say whether I would give an interview to the applicant who wrote the cover letter. It would really depend on the other applicants, and whether they were highly qualified. The letter is pretty basic, and for a creative company, I would not take much of an interest in the applicant because of their lack of creativity. This cover letter would be better for a position relating to business.

If you received the query, would you request additional pages from the novelist?

If there were not many people sending me queries, I would likely read the first few sentences, at least, of the story before making a decision. However, with so many people likely sending me query letters, I wouldn’t take much interest in what the literature said, due to the fact that the query letter was so poorly written, and the person didn’t seem intelligent, based on the irrelevant information that was included in the query.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

Topic 3.2:

Employment Status Report Progress Check-In
What resources have you found most useful in conducting research for the report?

I found the website to be most useful in conducting the research. This site provided me with a list of the top industry websites. Being able to access these websites and learn more about each of these companies covered a lot of groundwork in my research and allowed me to better grasp what each of these companies had to offer for my project.

What have you learned about yourself or your work as a result of your work on the report?

I have learned that I actually enjoy doing research. While I knew before that research can be fun, I think now I realize that it is only actually fun when there are the right resources available for conducting my research. Sometimes when researching a topic, it can be difficult to find the information that you need. Knowing the sources to go to, such as can provide with quick access to the most important information that is needed. I have also found that using additions to Google search queries, such as “edu” or “gov,” can provide a lot of valuable information about the topic, and this comes from credible sources, rather than from blogs or Wikipedia, for example.

Have any questions proven difficult to answer? If so, which ones?

Some of the information that deals some of the details of each company have been difficult to answer. However, if I do enough research on each company website, they usually contain all the information that I need.

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