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Veterinary Clinic Business Essay Example

Pets are considered to be valuable members of the family and this bond is strongly demonstrated by the strong attachments pet owners have for their animals. For this reason, many pet owners will go to the greatest lengths in ensuring that their pets receive the highest level of attention, service, and care. Nearly every homestead within Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas has one or more pets making it an ideal place to venture in veterinary care services. While this area has several veterinary clinics, there lacks a state of the art veterinary care center. The idea of starting a veterinary clinic stems from a deep-rooted love for animals and an understanding of the kind of service that every pet owner looks forward to. PET CARE CLINIC THEREFORE SEEKS TO OFFER PROFESSIONAL, CARING AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE BY HAVING A FULL-SERVICE CLINIC FOR ALL PETS.

Many pet owners are often in search of a vet who can treat their pets as if they are they are their own. Finding a vet who is both friendly to the pet and the owner instils confidence in the formers ability to fulfill the client’s needs. WITH FEW VETS HAVING SUCH QUALITIES PRESENT WITHIN THIS AREA, THE SITUATION CREATES A PROBLEM WORTH SOLVING. Many veterinary clinics claim to provide excellent services but fall short of the compassion required in diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of pets. Pet Care Clinic therefore bridges this gap by providing the pet owners with a variety of services ranging from first aid and nursing care, dental, immunizations, surgeries, disease prevention to behavioral concerns. These services will be provided by a team of well qualified veterinarian specialists who have passion for animals.

Pet Care Clinic

PET CARE CLINIC VALUE OF CARE FOR ANIMALS IS ALSO UNRIVALLED AS DEPICTED BY ITS EXAMINATION ROOMS, RECEPTION AND TREATMENT AREAS. Just like human beings, pets respond well to treatment in a hospital that resembles their home environment. In achieving these goals of care, Pet Care offers its clients specialty spaces that can be used for various activities such as consultations and rehabilitation. The clinics website will allow the clients to make online appointments, pay for services, and receive reminders for follow ups and other appointments. Owners will also be able to access a twenty-four-hour house call service that will relieve the owner’s stress of having to transport the pets to the clinic.

Pet Care also offers personalized high quality services to the clients. Taking care of pets requires ability to quickly detect illness signs and behavior changes. THIS WILL BE ACHIEVED BY TRAINING OWNERS ON PET CARE AND DRUG AND FOOD ADMINISTRATION ON A MONTHLY BASIS. Training the pet owners will lead to a reduction in the cost of caring for the animals thereby contributing to their wellbeing. This will eventually provide the clinic with a stable source of business through referrals from those who attend the trainings.

Pets play a critical role in the owners’ lives such as companionship, guides, as well as connecting people. With gaps existing within the community on how to best care for the pets, this opportunity does not only provide financial returns but also goes a long way in making an immense contribution to the quality of life of the owners and pets.

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