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Instead of focusing on how family of origin can get us “unstuck” and moving towards spiritually transformative pathways, the quote by Morgan actually suggests that the families we are born into can effectively set up roadblocks to growing spiritually. He says that our primary relationships, which would usually include family of origin, can condition us to “get stuck, locked in, and fixed on a certain point of view about reality.” The problem with this, Morgan says, is that people in such a situation can find it difficult to develop another worldview. And this state of being can make it hard to grow in a spiritual sense. “).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

It might appear to be ironic that the family, from which we derive a sense of belonging and a sense of who we are, can impede spiritual transformation. Morgan says that spiritual transformation “involves the capacity to face our confined human perspective” and, among other things, to rise above whatever negative baggage we’ve had foisted upon us through our “primary relationships.” According to Morgan, spiritual transformation gives us the ability to tap into the spiritual realm, which opens up “a new reality, a new creation,” and new possibilities. While family environment can potentially impede spiritual transformation, it can also help to open our minds to new possibilities. So if families encourage free thinking, personal development, and the exploration of truth, then the family of origin can help us to be uninhibited when it comes to progressing forward in spiritually transformative pathways.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Spiritual transformation is an interesting topic to me on account of the fact that the spiritual realm is not something that most people spend a lot of time exploring. I grew up in a home governed by organized religion, and we were taught that there is only one right way. My worldview, therefore, was in line with the Judeo-Christian tradition. So while spiritual transformation is important, it isn’t something that is usually embraced by organized religion. I’m not sure I agree with you when you say that there seems to be a dark underbelly to the spiritual transformation concept.  So while I might still have a few unanswered questions, I think that Morgan touches on some important ideas in terms of spiritual growth. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I agree that we can become stuck on our trek down transformative pathways due to the way we are raised. That said, families that are respectful of other ways of thinking can actually create the fertile soil upon which can grow a keen spiritual awareness. In such cases, we can find ourselves more open to spiritual transformation and to exploring things that we possibly never even considered previously. Like you, I’m not sure organized religion typically prepares people for the spiritual transformation journey that Morgan mentions because organized religion is all about creeds. But even if you or I grew up in an environment that was not conducive to embarking on the spiritual transformation journey, we can still rise above this.

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