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YEAR 10, DAY 249
Our research subject continues to exhibit none of the normal signs of even early development.  Although she has managed to teach herself a form of moving about the enclosure quite effectively using both her hands and feet, it does not resemble a normal human gait.  Similarly no signs of coherent language have emerged.  Our cameras have recorded various groans, shouts, shrieks, and cries, but we continue to be unable to recognize any consistent pattern of expression.  Some of these seem to mimic the sounds made by animals, which we speculate she can hear through the walls, but we can find no semblance of order in them.  We believe that at this point she would be unable to learn human language even if actively taught it by another person. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Last week we encountered an unexpected interruption of the experiment.  The tranquilizers we have been including in her evening meal on nights that caretakers are scheduled to clean her enclosure appeared not to have been strong enough.  The subject awoke soon after the caretaker had entered the pen.  Her response was to shriek loudly and run to the farthest corner of the room, attempting to hide herself.  There was no sign that she recognized the caretaker as a fellow human being, or saw any similarities between the man and herself.  He was instructed not to approach her, but instead to leave the enclosure immediately.  The subject spent the rest of the night in a state of extreme agitation.
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This unexpected turn of events inspired us to have a mirror installed in her enclosure the next day.  Her first response in the morning was to run away once again in terror, but she has since begun to show some signs of active curiosity.  By noon she was approaching the mirror, although she did not appear to recognize the image as a reflection of herself.  At dinner she placed a small portion of her evening meal in front of the mirror, and has continued to do so at each meal since then.  At first we interpreted this act as an attempt to form a connection with what she perceived to be another living thing, but we have since rejected this hypothesis.  The intentionality of the act more resembles religious devotion, leading to fascinating new questions about whether or not her isolation and resultant extreme developmental delays have precluded a belief in God.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

As she shows no signs of recognizing the mirror image as related to her physical person, we view her interactions with it as at the very least an attempt to understand an unexplained phenomenon.  But the ritualistic manner in which she interacts with it seem to indicate that even if she does not have the intellectual capacity for critical thinking required to actively attribute this change in her environment to a well defined higher power, she may be grappling in her own way with questions of meaning and the changing nature of existence.  We will continue our observations of the subject with great enthusiasm!  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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