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Theorizing Media Presentation

Theorizing Media Presentation

The name on the picture Dolce and Gabbana is from an Italian famous fashion store. The simplest meaning of the image shows that it comes from Italy and that it is an image used for marketing the fashion and design entity. It should be understood that the men and women in the picture are advertisement agents that are tasked to promote the entity’s brands to potential buyers since an image speaks a language understood across all languages (Barthes, 1977). As shown in the picture, the image was taken in a room which could be one of the stores owned by the firm or a studio meant for photography and video capturing for the entity’s advertisements. The lady lying is holding another fashion brand and on the leg is a pair of shoes similar to the others. They do not have full body attire to show the worth of the products that the company is promoting. The visibility of the brand is dependent on how they are displayed in the image. 

All those who are captured in the image have the same attire which is the representation of the firm’s brand of fashion. The entity deals in the black fashion meanly worn by ladies and it has both men and women conducting the promotion on their behalf. Moreover, the ladies in the picture focus more on the photographic work as a reflection of the advertisement intention to capture the attention of buyers. Also, the firm is aware of the ladies’ abilities to capture the attention of potential buyers and they have been made to feature attractively for the purpose (Barthes, 1977). The man in the image on the other hand has a well-built and oiled body showing protruding muscles as an attraction point that would easily enable viewers to study the picture more and derive meaning.    

The faces from the picture show focus on an object. Product promotion is a practice that requires a commitment to the course of service offered and the man and the ladies in the image have proved that through their posture as capture. They intend to capture another scene in their work while greater media is aimed at them to produce a scenario that would be used for a symbolic description (Barthes, 1977). Moreover, the name of the company on the image shows that those in the image work for a purpose and target. The aim is to influence a specific audience through the persuasive nature of the image shown. Thus, the picture shows elements of originality. 

Besides, the image shown is attractive and has an impact on both the eyes and psychology. The message it conveys is transmitted to the brain for information processing and action to follow. With the aid of the writing on the image, an individual easily identifies the intention of the image and so the image speaks louder only with the help of the words (Barthes, 1977). The designers intended to create an image whose influence would be lasting to a consumer of the products that they promote. The influence would be recurrent as it does not end when the image disappears from one’s sight. The effect of remembrance was an intentional input to promote the products through continuously refocusing about what one had seen before even if it ceases to exist in the surrounding. The impact of this is to create brand quality that would make people who manage to see the image seek the product thereby making both the designers and the entity influential in their pursuits. Consequently, with just the company’s, name the image manages to market the brand across the masses easily and perfectly. 



Barthes, R. (1977). Image-music-text. Macmillan. 


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