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The End

  • How do you define “The End”? What does that mean to you?

The end of the world is a philosophy developed in theology to express the final destiny of man. Based on this belief, the events of the world will have attained climax, and God will come to judge both the living and the dead according to their deeds when they lived on earth. According to Christianity beliefs, the great tribulation will be a sign to denote the end times. The calamities will include widespread wars as nations fight against each other and the emergence of incurable diseases. Based on these aspects, many believe that we live in the last days and the world will soon come to an end.

  1. From where you currently stand, what do you think is the most likely way for the world to end? It is impossible to tell how the world will end because many aspects have been discussed concerning the matter. The Christians believe that the second coming of Christ will mark the end of the world, a notion that I learned while I was still a young child. On the other hand, from a scientific perspective, I have come to comprehend that the end of civilization will mark the end. In other words, hypothetical future events are likely to damage human wellbeing on a global scale hence permanently extinction man from the planet. Both concepts may mark the end of the world, making it hard to determine how the end will manifest. 
  2. Which disciplines, past experiences, knowledge, and/or other background aspects most heavily inform your views? How so? I come from a Christian family, meaning that my faith has heavily contributed to my perception of how the end will be like. I have always believed that the second coming of Jesus will automatically signify the end. Nevertheless, the belief does not rule out the possibility developed by scientists that man will be the primary cause of his own fate. Based on the events taking place today, man may reach existential risk that will mark the end. 
  3. What people, places, movies, institutions, and/or historical/present/future events play into your views?

Based on the rate that technology is advancing today, it is appropriate to state that man is heading to the end of civilization which is likely to cause the end. For instance, today, human beings live unsustainable lives, which have majorly contributed to global warming. It is not impossible to conclude that at the rate that global warming is affecting life on earth, the world is likely to come to an end soon if people do not take any action to revert their actions. In other words, humans may become extinct on earth soon. The movie The Day after Tomorrow is a good illustration of what humans might expect if they do not handle the matter of climate change with the weight it deserves. The movie depicts catastrophic effects that disrupted North Atlantic Ocean circulation after persistent extreme weather conditions that eventually ushered in the new ice age. 

  1. Do you expect your views to change as we move through this course and beyond?

Different people have different opinions when it comes to the topic of the end. Basically, this means that we shall be able to learn different views and arguments concerning the end during the class, which might alter my understanding of the end, hence forming new conceptions. As I express my ideas during this class, I am open to new ideas that will broaden my perception of the topic. I am taking this class because I wish to learn more and expand my understanding of the subject. 


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