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Strategy and Digital Leadership Program

After the completion of my MBA, I target on becoming a professional consultant and start a firm in my locality.  My functions as a consultant would include the execution and organization of various business projects. This is done on behalf of multiple customers.  Furthermore, as a consultant, it would help in meeting the needs of the clients through assessing situations which could cause numerous problems. Here, I would collect vital information for the business and help them in coming up with various ways of improving service delivery in the country.  The target company is opening my firm in Guinea, West Africa.  The career is essential in meeting my medium and long term goals. For instance, in the medium term, a strategic and leadership program career would help in understanding the vital requirements and gaining the experience required to become a competent consultant. In the long term, a strategic and leadership program career will facilitate in ensuring that all functions in the firm are run in a timely and proper manner.  Further, there is the appropriate development of the plans of running a business in Guinea through underlying the significant challenges such as lack of enough resources.  Therefore, the company will come up with strategies that indicate the various methods that can help in discharging duties adequately.

Creating a positive change is crucial in helping the business achieve its objectives. For instance, in my current workplace, I helped the company in coming up with many corporate social responsibility practices.  The firm offers medical services to cushion the surrounding communities of the various dangers that may result due to the firm’s practices. This has helped in creating customer loyalty and the broader acceptability of the firm. Further, the business extends the corporate social responsibility in hiring some of the community members. For instance, I advocated for the policy whereby hose qualified are considered for employment. However, the management has to ensure there is a balance and that locals are not favored since this would compromise on the quality of the services provided.  The business fosters multi-culturalism whereby the employees came up from various ethnic communities. Diversity is essential towards promoting innovation as every person gets a platform to voice their ideas and help in ensuring proper implementation.

The management is tasked with proper leadership, such as through listening to employee’s views or concerns. This helps in ensuring there is a harmonious working relationship among the people. Listening to employees is vital towards improving the levels of morale among the employees as they gain the required levels of satisfaction to give their best for the business. Therefore, excellent leadership is essential for ensuring that the company achieves the targeted objectives.

In guinea, like many West African countries, there is an influx of smalls business which lacks proper leadership and skills to propel them towards success.  Strategic leadership is essential towards promoting the business and helping to ensure development in the country. For instance, through strategic leadership, the small business will understand the various ways they can use to get finances required in promoting their operations.  Further, strategic leadership will help in ensuring the business develop measures and plans for their development. Typically, the plans act as a road map that is integral in providing that the business achieve their objectives in the long term. Also, it ensures that the business can mitigate against the various challenges affecting small businesses.  The small business would understand the application of digital programs to foster their operations. This helps them in understanding various emerging issues and consumer trends.

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