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Question 3.1 
Who do you think was or were the first industrial designer(s)?

I think Eli Whitney was the first industrial designer because he designed items that could be developed with mass-production techniques. He was meeting the demand for the need of tools that would help to make it easier to complete various tasks. Whitney had a vision to develop products that were interchangeable. These product parts helped facilitate the trend towards industry and mass production.

Why and how was their thinking emulated in contemporary problem solving?

His thinking was emulated in contemporary problem solving by having parts that are used in various objects. For example, many power cords are compatible with various electronics today. On the other hand, there are many that are built to intentionally not function in other products. This includes the charger for the iPad, for example, which is not compatible with the charger for the iPhone.

Question 3.2
Give some examples of objects that you consider design classics, that have beauty and are functional (for example, the common pin, the staple, a coffee grinder).

I think tables with four legs have got to be among the most functions objects. The four legs not only provide the necessary support for most tables, but the design also makes these tables aesthetically pleasing. The table, and four-legged chairs, for example, adhere to the Shaker principles in developments in several ways. A couple of the most prominent ways include the idea that regularity is beauty. The basic four-legged function is regular, and it provides practicality, which also arises a sense of beauty, according to Shaker.

Question 3.3
If the Crystal Palace was the first World Expo and was high technology in its time, compare it to our contemporary Crystal Palace, the Web. How could we use the Web better to do the same things the Crystal Palace did for personkind?

I think the web is being utilized very well. The Crystal Palace helped develop various aspects of design, education, relations, tourism and international trade. The Internet is facilitating all of those things. I suppose there could be improvements to the Web, however. For example, we could get rid of all of the spam advertisements. I believe this is something that has come a long way over the last decade, however. In the 1990s, it was essentially impossible to protect the computer from being bombarded with various ads that the user had no reason or desire to view. Instead of advertisement popups that promote a sedentary lifestyle filled with promotions for products that aren’t really needed, popups could be used to promote more diplomatic relations, or to announce important developments in the world. But, better than any of that, the popups on the Web could be eliminated completely. While that is something that is already occurring, there are many instances where the AdBlocker technology can’t be used to block some ads.

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