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Internet bullying is not just an issue that affects the individual getting bullied but mostly it is also a public social problem. The individual suffers some effects that have negative social impacts because they do not know who is bullying them. It is more like a mystery, and they are embarrassed to speak out about what they are going through. Internet bullying which is also referred to as cyber bullying has greater social effects because it is quite different from the traditional bullying whereby someone is in direct contact with the bully (Kowalski, 2012). With traditional bullying; you know who is bullying you, but in internet bullying, you are left dazzled by a stranger which is more torturous. There are factors that make internet bullying a sensitive social issue. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Cyberbullying can go on round the clock. It can run for longer durations, and it does not only happen in school going children but also occurs among adults on social media and on work platforms. Internet bullying occurs at whatever time of the day or night. Internet bullying is more intense as the bully is often anonymous (Horowitz, 2014). Degrading Images or videos in cyber bullying spread fast to a broad audience owing to the vast reach of internet connectivity around the world. Once something has been posted, several people have access to download it and thus the damage caused can last long and thus adversely affecting the victim. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Cyber bullying is thus a smaller representation of an adverse issue which is bullying in general. Bullying in the society takes different shapes such as intimidation, bigotry as well as manipulation. Bullies are often disturbed people in the society who try to cover their shortcomings by belittling others through intimidation (Stuckey, 2013). Cyberbullying thus gives the bullies a chance to hide behind a keyboard and harass others. If we are to put an end to bullying, we would thus have to start from the family setting and go through to the society at large.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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