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Silent Story Narrative: Realizing Personal Goals

Silent Story Narrative: Realizing Personal Goals

People have short-term and long-term goals or objectives that they strive to work towards every day. While reaching simple goals matters in life, identifying and realizing the complicated long-term goals is critical and requires a definite plan. For instance, establishing a successful family business requires goal-setting individuals to consider a variety of factors. Such factors might include relevant market forces, skills, sources of labor, capital, and pertinent government regulations. Having a blueprint assists in ordering steps to stabilize an enterprise. The trend applies to those trying to achieve goals in life, whether short or long-term.

Warehouses are comprised of diverse sections, including raw material receiving area, internal mobility, manufacturing department, product storage, and distribution. The idea of the silent story narrative is recording a video in a warehouse by capturing the different stages that are undertaken to create finished products. Accordingly, the following steps display how thoughts evolve into something meaningful in a warehouse context. The silent story narrative emphasizes the gradual process of achieving success and fulfilling objectives, and avoiding shortcuts.


Capture a video showing workers receiving raw materials in a warehouse. This denotes the time when ideas enter individuals’ minds such that they are relevant to pursue because of the anticipated rewards in the future.


Record a video showing how workers move raw materials within a warehouse, either manually or using machinery, such as focal lifts. It reveals how people handle their ideas, especially regarding where to carry and document them.


Film the process of converting raw materials into finished products. This practice represents the execution phase whereby people avail the necessary knowledge, resources, and expertise to implement an idea.


Record a video exhibiting the stored finished goods. It signifies an instance where people achieve goals and await monetization or rewards from the sales made.

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Capture a film showing workers moving the stock of finished goods from the warehouse to trucks for distribution. The scene connotes how goals pay off in the long-term for having followed the due process.


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