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In college, I always looked forward to the projects completed in groups. I love the process of sharing ideas and hearing people make suggestions that I would have never come up with on my own. In an economic management class, I developed an idea to create a presentation on Westernization. This term describes the effects of the United States’ cultural expansion on other countries.
I became the leader of my group by coming up with the focus idea about Westernization. Only five people had an idea in class that day, and then it was up to those who didn’t come up with an idea to pick which team and topic they wanted to join. Four people joined each group and then it was up to me to figure out what “Team Westernization,” would do to present the challenges facing “western” countries and their effect on the rest of the world.

While I enjoyed my group, I found that no one really took a leadership role at first. Sure, Westernization was my idea and I had the best grasp of the topic, but it took some effort to get people to understand the idea and to contribute their thoughts. I decided that a less “academic” setting might loosen people up, so I invited them to my home and prepared some tea.

I eventually discovered that this technique was the most beneficial, because everyone felt more comfortable in a casual setting to chat about our project. We divided the topic into five categories — one for each of us — and we developed side topics, on which each member could base their presentation. We met at my home three times that week and got to know each other fairly well. During our presentation, everyone was confident with their knowledge of the topic, and we performed very well as a team.

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