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Rotor Dynamics Summary

Rotor Dynamics Summary

A particular branch of engineering mechanics, rotor dynamics accentuates on technologies relating to the mechanical structures and behavior of rotating machineries. These rotating machineries are commonly used in aerospace and defense, machinery, shipbuilding, energy, automotive, and consumer products. Companies have been testing and adding new features on rotating machineries features such as lifetime extension, increased rotor diameter, and new fault recognition method.    

One of The Latest Trends in Rotating Machineries       

            One of the latest trends in rotating machineries is the creation of large-sized turbines. Among the biggest firm in the United States, General Electric Company (GE) has produced the tallest and biggest offshore wind turbine in the world, reaching up to more than 850 feet. With its long blade, Haliade-X is extremely reliable in terms of energy generation. Lifetime extension is among the most recent features in rotating machineries. To get the most out of the return on investment, European countries such as Germany and Denmark have proposed and approved the integration of lifetime extension in rotating structures such as turbines.

Adding up to the cutting-edge technologies in rotor dynamics, the application of new fault recognition method has been used to  lower the anticipated risk of incorrect classifications. This technology involves information entropy and probabilistic neural network. The United States has started manufacturing bigger rotor diameter with an average length of 225 meters compared to European producers with only 218 meters. Preventive maintenance is the growing trend in rotor dynamics using infrared thermography in identifying high temperatures and vibration analysis for checking mechanical pulsation.

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