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I do agree that communication plays a vital role in all aspects of development. The case of Hurricane shows why communication should be considered in all sectors. As you have stated, the local, federal, and state agencies lacked effective coordination, and that shows why Americans will always remember Hurricane Katrina. Even though you have stated that effective communication would have reduced the devastating effects of the Hurricane, I still doubt whether there is much that can be done. Even modern communication still relies on physical infrastructures. That means that in the event of another hurricane or disaster such as Tornado, communication would still be affected. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Unless people change to using radios, communication will be impossible, and that can easily make the efforts people make after disasters go to waste. I also feel that focusing so much on communication still makes the victims vulnerable to such disasters. I believe that if the relevant authorities had communicated the protocols to be followed in cases of such disasters, then people would have managed themselves well despite the communication challenges. This idea’s success is mainly based on the assumption that all affected stakeholders play a role in disaster management. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >While using the Hurricane Katrina as an example, the respective agencies can suggest actions such as staying on the rooftops where they are safe from the flowing water and stay visible to the rescue teams (Magazine, 2005). Based on such a suggestion, there is a possibility that the 1800 deaths could have been reduced when people followed such protocols. Therefore, the vital aspect is for communication to be used in all stages and the victims and rescuers to know the right course of actions to be taken. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Magazine, P. (2005, September 19). Surviving Hell & High Water. Retrieved July 27, 2016, from Peoples Magazine:

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