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Research paper Vs Essays

Albeit these are the two most common types of academic assignments in high-school and college, there are some misconceptions regarding their differences. The research paper Vs essay complication is quite popular because both share commonalities yet differ in many aspects. While you look for a reputable research paper writing service, make sure you have clarity about what it is you really want.

It’s crucial to understand their differences because some types of essays resemble research papers quite closely, such as informative essays. In addition, it also requires profound subject knowledge and the ability to formulate opinions and present contrasting views on the topic.

Common Features of Research Papers and Essays

  • Both have to adhere to a strict outline.
  • Both require research.
  • They provide evidence of the students’ writing and analytical skills.
  • Both have a predefined
  • Both deal with citation formats.
  • Both have citations and bibliography index.

Major Differences between a Research paper and an Essay

  1. Length: a research paper is typically longer than an essay, that could be anything from 8 pages for a research paper to a minimum of five paragraphs for an essay. A cheap essay writing service can guide you on the appropriate length that would suit your requirements.
  2. Point of view: an essay highlights the writer’s personal view on the topic backed up by sources to support the perspective, whereas a research paper offers other common facts of the subject in combination with his own reflection.
  3. Research: an essay usually just scratches the surface, whereas a research paper warrants an in-depth analysis of the topic by using a plethora of sources.
  4. Goal: an essay’s objective is to accentuate the writer’s skills and abilities at giving an opinion, and a research paper strives to provide a thorough knowledge of the subject, analyze data and come to a conclusion based on that.
  5. Familiarity: research papers always require that the writer be knowledgeable about the main topic, whereas essays don’t always have to fulfill those criteria. Since essays are relatively simple in construct, they can be written by anyone who has above-average writing skills and is able to weave ideas together.
  6. Reader’s perspective: an essay is written by keeping the target audience in mind and what they may find compelling. A research paper is academically formulated and logically organized that reflects its main purpose of relaying relevant information.
  7. Opinion vs. conclusion: an essay portrays the writer’s opinion whereby the readers can agree or disagree, but a research paper is based on facts presented in a particular order that offer a conclusion that cannot be conflicted with. Any research paper writing service worth their mettle can be trusted to come up with authentic research papers supported by sources and citations that cannot be negated.
  8. Types: Types of essays include persuasive, argumentative, academic, literary, philosophical, narrative, etc.

Types of researches include argumentative, analytical, subject-based, cause and effect, etc.

  1. Parts: a research paper has comparatively more parts than an essay, which includes the title page, abstract, introduction, and literature review, the main body, which has its own parts, conclusion, acknowledgments, and references. On the other hand, an essay has five parts: the introduction, the main body, which has a minimum of three paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  2. Methodology: an essay does not need a particular methodology; however, a research paper has to be submitted according to the appropriate methodology in order to fall under the assigned criteria.

To draw examples from real life, a lawyer reads and researches many cases and uses them in his lawsuit as support. Similarly, a scientist reads several case studies to back his idea about a scientific principle that would fall through if there’s no support to be found. A research paper is an extensive essay that presents a view concerning various sources that you have found in your support.

A research paper writing service can be an asset only if you understand the differences yourself and are able to communicate them effectively to the professionals. Your input is integral to deliver the results that measure up to your expectations!

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